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Airbnb in Broward



Broward is famous for its beaches, culture, arts, shopping and restaurant diving in Las Olas Blvd. Take Gondola rides through Millionaires Row or hang out by the historic riverfront. Broward is for everyone, and we love to highlight its beautiful features!



Experience Broward

Our guests enjoy walking down our world-famous Hollywood boardwalk after a day of tanning at the beach, and a night of gambling at the world-famous Hard Casino. Local experiences tailored by our concierge services and recommendation will take your trip to the next level. Let’s face it, we chose Airbnb accommodations over hotels for the experience and the experience in Broward is like none other.


What Broward Has To Offer Guests


Find great food with our experienced manager’s recommendations: Kaluz Restaurant and Chima Steakhouse


Las Olas Boulevard, a local experience you cannot miss while staying in Broward. With many things to do in the area, precisely where locals gather at the sprawling bars through Las Olas 1 mile Boulevard that runs through Andrews Avenue and central business district.

Things To Do

Broward is a rumbustious city with many things to do and see. Visit Florida is an association geared towards promoting travel to Broward and South Florida. Check their website for local events and updates and reach out to our services concierge who will be more than happy to assist. 


Local Events

Guest’s love to travel and feel like a local. Local weekly events in Broward keep bringing guests back, and you will make your stay an experience you won’t forget! Our top favorite local events are ones that anybody can attend. Pack up your picknick blanket and head to the weekly jazz brunch. Attend the monthly FATVillage Art Walk and don’t miss a chance to enjoy the antique walk of the Florida Renaissance Festival. Boat show and Las Olas Art fair also go hand in hand!


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