Tangy Management Partners with Fulhaus Inc. to Elevate Vacation Home Experiences

Tangy Management, Miami’s leading vacation rental management company, is pleased to announce a pioneering collaboration with Fulhaus Inc., the award-winning furnishing and interior design firm. This strategic partnership will provide Tangy Management clients with exclusive access to custom furniture packages, meticulously curated to increase property views, enhance guest experiences, and boost rental revenues.

Born out of a shared passion for blending comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, the partnership will enable Tangy Management to bring a refreshing take on interior design to its portfolio of vacation homes. Fulhaus’s expert team of designers will craft bespoke furniture collections that reflect each property's unique character and appeal to the evolving tastes of modern travelers. 

"As a company at the forefront of the vacation rental industry, we understand that it's no longer just about providing a place to sleep. Today’s discerning travelers seek a blend of comfort, style, and immersive experiences. Our partnership with Fulhaus allows us to cater to this demand by transforming our properties into unique lifestyle spaces," says Steve Turk co-founder of Tangy Management.

Fulhaus Inc. is renowned for its innovative "Furnishings as a Service" model, which removes the usual hassle and expense of home furnishing. By creating exclusive furniture collections for Tangy Management, Fulhaus will ensure that each vacation rental property stands out in the increasingly competitive marketplace. 

Clients of Tangy Management can expect the first of these specially curated furniture collections to be available from October 2023. 

About Tangy Management:

Based in Miami, Florida, Tangy Management is an industry-leading vacation rental management company that combines high-quality property care with advanced marketing strategies to maximize occupancy and revenue. With a focus on guest satisfaction and unique experiences, Tangy Management brings a fresh approach to vacation home rentals.

About Fulhaus Inc.:

Fulhaus Inc. is an award-winning furnishing and interior design firm offering comprehensive "Furnishings as a Service." Their expertise lies in creating high-quality, stylish and functional furniture packages that elevate the appeal of properties in the rental market.

For more information about this exciting partnership, please visit www.tangymanagement.com

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At Tangy Management we know that the best Airbnb rental feels like a home and runs like a hotel. While your guests deserve the best services, you do not have to be the one to execute them. Our team of experienced hoteliers are available to transform your South Florida property into a successful rental using our in house team of luxury hospitality professionals.

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