4 Tools You Need to Smoothly Run Your Short Term Rental

Here at Tangy we've picked our top 4 favorite tools that we think you will need to effectively run your short term rental.

Vacation Rental Software

We have all been there when starting up, having to log into different channel managers to answer your messages, update your calendars, and consolidate finances to only find yourself with a headache bouncing from page to page. Management software will help you keep it all in one software that works for you. When it comes to answering guest messages promptly, and keeping your calendar updated, and most importantly while you’re away from your computer; we use software like Guesty . An easy to use tool while you’re on the move, and simple software to improve efficiency and income. Guesty can even create a stand-alone webpage for your property, and financial reporting to ease bookkeeping.

Guesty Tool: inbox and messaging all your guests in one screen.

Revenue Management

When it comes to keeping rates competitive, a revenue management tool is ideal. Seasonality and local events are key components to ensuring that your rates favor over competitors, and guests will be more likely to book your property. Beyond Pricing offers insightful estimates that will help increase your occupancy and drive higher rates. Their algorithm considers competitor prices, seasonal factors, and local events to produce dynamic pricing for your property. You can also manage different properties all in one window. Many booking channels will also reward you for constant change of rates, and competitiveness.

Beyond Pricing Tool: Neighborhood Pricing

Property Guide

We feel the first 4 hours of a guest's arrival are the most significant, and a make-or-break decision for the remainder of their stay. Use seamless check-ins to enhance your guest experience and first impression of your property. Advance this experience by providing detailed information about your property that will ease guests to feel right at home. Ditch the old binder filled with information and use a new modern, tablet-like reception with YourWelcome. Not only will guests have all the information of your property right under at their fingertips, but they will also be able to ask for extra cleaning, late check-outs, and even book local events and excursions directly from this tablet. A pre and post rating of the property from guests, directly through the program, will also help guest recovery before check out. We cannot recommend this software enough.

YourWelcome Tool: Guest Tablet Services


We can all agree that a clean and maintained property is crucial to your guests' experience. This can be delayed if communication with your cleaning and maintenance team is complicated. A tool like Properly will facilitate scheduling your housekeeper, communicating with maintenance, and notifying any replacements needed in your home. Also, the ability to add checklists for your team and provide detailed photos after completing tasks is helpful to the efficiency of your operations. Properly also provides an already trained team if you need an emergency cleaning.

GetProperly Tool: Schedule Cleanings

Using these kinds of tools to improve operations is imperative to run a successful vacation home. Like they say “there’s probably an app for that,” there’s definitely a program or software to help you as well. Here at Tangy, we have used technology to our advantage, for our clients’ ease, and more importantly, our guests ease.

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