15 Must-Have Items Guests Will Love from Your Airbnb

Make sure that your Airbnb home is ready with these 15 must-have items hand picked by our Tangy hosting experts.

Like every business venture, there’s planning, preparation, and good old fashioned hard work that goes into every vacation home rental. As a host, you are not just providing a roof over your guests’ heads, you’re shaping their experiences. And chances are, you’d like to shape an enjoyable one at that.

Bathroom must-haves

1.) Bath Towels (2 per guest)

Make sure that your Airbnb has at least 2 towels per guest. No one likes a damp towel.

2.) Toilet Paper

This one's crucial. Toilet paper is a must-have throughout all your bathrooms. Make sure you have extra to last the entirety of your guests' stay.

3.) Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Hand Soap, & Lotion

If you want your Airbnb to feel like a hotel experience then all of your bathrooms should have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap, and lotion. These are provided by hotels and should be provided by you with your Airbnb.

Bedroom must-haves

4.) Home Safe

Its essential that your Airbnb has a home safe for guests to have a secure place to leave their personal belongings. You may even want to have an extra one for larger homes.

5.) Extra Linens, Pillows, & Blankets

Some guests like a lot of pillows, some like extra blankets, some might eat in bed and spill something. Give your guests extra linens, pillows, and blankets to accommodate all their needs.

6.) Alarm Clock

You can’t miss your flight, or your morning adventures. Alarm clocks are a must have, for guests ease and dependability.

7.) Luggage Rack

Where will your guests place their luggage when unpacking. Most guests will appreciate not needing to unpack on their bed or floor.

8.) Full Length Mirror

The last look before heading to your restaurant reservation is very important. Make sure to include a full length mirror for your guests.

Kitchen must-haves

9.) Coffee Machine

Coffee is how most guest starts their day with, and a simple but good regular coffee machine will show your hospitality. Don’t forget to highlight a special local brand.

10.) Water Pitcher

The last thing guests will do prior to leaving your home for their next adventure is fill up their water bottles. While most refrigerators provide a water tap there are ones that don't. A water pitcher will be a nice extra touch to add to your home. Stay hydrated!

11.) Wine/Bottle Opener

Being able to finally kick your feet up and reach for the bottle of wine and wine opener at hand will turn any frown upside down. Make sure you include this must have in your home, small gesture that will take you a long way.

Living-Area must-haves

12.) Tablet Guidebook

Ditch the old binder guidebook, and use a tablet like yourwelcome.com to set yourself apart. Tablet will replace old school guidebooks, and offer information about your house as well as your favorite spots nearby.

13.) Work Area

More than likely guests will bring work with them. It's a must that you have a sitting desk area where they can get this done. Most booking channels will award you with business travels if you provide a work desk. Useful and can increase your revenue. Great must have!

Electronic must-haves

14.) Key less Entry, Camera, and AC controls 

Forget about lock outs, parties or AC’s freezing over. When you have control remotely you will find ease for you and your guests. Lost keys, large parties, or AC being over worked are a thing of the past. Companies like ring.com and nest.com will give you access to all devices from the palm of your hand.

15.) TV Streaming

Cable TV is becoming less and less of a necessity, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus are becoming most frequently used by guests. If your tv does not carry streaming service, an inexpensive Chromecast or Fire Stick will do the trick.

Hopefully, this resource has managed to provide some new ideas of what we can add to your Airbnb experience. As a general rule of thumb when it comes to host preparedness and making sure to provide guests with everything they expect: we simply imagine ourselves in your guests’ shoes (and then remember to provide a shoe rack).

Download our full comprehensive checklist to help make sure your Airbnb home is ready for your next guest! Jam packed with 50+ items that will help make your Airbnb feel like home.

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