Episode 1: The Key to Vacation Rental Success: First Episode of Tangy Talks

Steve Turk: [00:00:00] Welcome, welcome to the first episode of Tangy Talks, where we'll be covering the world of vacation rentals, tips, tools, and trends, and some other stuff. And today I've got to be doing it with my co host. And business partner, Victor Ferria. Victor, how are you feeling about 

Victor Feria: this? I'm feeling great. I'm feeling great.

Victor Feria: This is a great opportunity to showcase a bunch of conversations that we have. Just the only difference is now we're recording it. So I'm super excited and pumped about it. Yeah. 

Steve Turk: So listeners, viewers, uh, we'll do a quick intro. So you get to know who we are. You might know us already, but for the ones that don't, um, we are the co owners of Tangy Management.

Steve Turk: Uh, which is a short term and vacation rental management company. We also do long term, but we focus on the short term vacation rental. Right. And each of us has a unique background. So, Victor, why don't you tell me about your background first? Sure. And, uh, what makes you so 

Victor Feria: unique to this space? Yeah, I mean, very, very much in common.

Victor Feria: Steve, we, we, we got [00:01:00] the hotel and hospitality background. Uh, that's where I started, uh, the career basically, uh, managing the front of house, you know, the Bellman, the port of cashier. Um, and then I also opened up the attaché program, um, in, in the Royal Golf Resort as well, which was a. Pretty unique, um, experience.

Victor Feria: And then 2018, we, uh, opened up, uh, Tangi management and it's been five, very, very, um, you know, very, uh, great years, I had to say. Um, and, and, and here we are now. 

Steve Turk: Yeah, man, five years. And now we're doing Tangi talks and I would say successful years too, man. Every year of showing growth, they grown and growing.

Steve Turk: And so listeners, you, for me, similar background worked in hotels, my whole life, basically since I'm 18 years old. Um, but I've always had that entrepreneurial itch and that's when Victor and I first met when I started my first company, which was a staffing company I built and sold. And I had Victor as one of those amazing managers in that company.

Steve Turk: And we clicked. Right away as he was a young hustler coming [00:02:00] up and he really loved the short term rental programs that we had there and he took it on and built this awesome brand that we have today. Um, so we have that unique background. A lot of people in vacation rentals, right? Victor, they come from.

Steve Turk: They're like realtors, 

Victor Feria: um, you know, professional professions that are not necessarily hospitality. Um, and I think that's like our unique, um, niche, uh, so to say. 

Steve Turk: Yeah. So we talk, we hear a lot, like these realtors will come to us like, how do you do this? This person's texting me for toilet paper. I was like, yeah, that's part of, uh, hospitality and taking care of people.

Steve Turk: Exactly. Exactly. So we know that unique blend and we love what we're doing every single day. It's just a lot of fun. The team that we're building with our housekeepers and, um, reception team and our revenue team and our marketing team, we've just got a lot of 

Victor Feria: great people getting bigger. We're getting bigger, stronger.

Victor Feria: And, and, you know, our conversations every day, you know, setting the foundation, uh, for something big and a big opportunity and really create. A [00:03:00] unique, um, a unique space, um, in, in, in, in our industry. 

Steve Turk: Yeah, it's fun. I love doing it with you every day. And for listeners, we're going to take you on a journey.

Steve Turk: We're going to share some things that we're working on. Can't give you all of our secrets, but we'll give you a lot of them. Uh, we'll give you a lot of our special sauce, especially if you're just starting out, because I know how hard it can be starting in this business, because you think it's one thing, then you get into it.

Steve Turk: And then when those doors open and those reservations start coming in, a whole bunch of things change. So we'll talk about some of those things too. Um, but first we're going to do a couple of segments in this show. And the first thing we're usually going to do is talk about what's kind of trending, what's going on in the industry.

Steve Turk: And right now it's a lot and in vacation rental news, there's this Florida short term rental squeeze, like they're starting to talk about during the heyday of the pandemic and 2020, 2021, 2022. 58. 9 million overnight visitors came and spent [00:04:00] 13. 8 billion just in Florida. And that's from the Oxford Economic Study and the number one city in Florida that had the most vacation rentals, the most per 100, 000 people.

Steve Turk: Where do you think it was? 

Victor Feria: You guys said the 305 where we are, where we have the pleasure of living and reciting beautiful Miami. In 

Steve Turk: Miami. And, you know, we talked to a lot of owners that we did great with, right? They started in 2021. And what did they kind of see some of these people that started in 2020?

Victor Feria: Yeah. I mean, really the, the, the owners that, you know, took on and brought in and. Invested in the space after 2020. Uh, you know, they, they quickly realized that the, the price was, you know, so high for, for the purchasing price that, you know, 2021, 2022, no problem at all. You know, demand was high, the rates were high.

Victor Feria: And now as we start leveling out, you know, they're seeing that that squeeze is a little bit, a little tighter. So getting that [00:05:00] mortgage, you know, all the overhead, um, is becoming a little bit more, uh, more, more arduous to, to, to be able to. Um, you know, to, to hit those, hit those levels. So that's what we're noticing.

Victor Feria: You know, we work with our owners, um, every month just to make sure that we're hitting the goals and we're setting those, uh, those standards and that revenue for them. That's really what they want. Yeah. And if you're 

Steve Turk: watching this, take a second, get on Zillow, get on realtor. com. You're going to see a lot of properties pop up and we're going through them.

Steve Turk: If you notice that there's two towels on a bed or like nicely staged. Those are usually vacation rentals and those people gave up because they weren't able to, to make it. But we're seeing a lot of those pop up right now, right? I feel bad for some of them. Like, you know, they, they call us and they're like, we don't know what to do.

Steve Turk: We bought this million dollar, you know, 2 million home. We were crushing it last year and now we're not getting anybody. Right. Right. And what, what are some of the reasons you see out there? Is it just competition or are they just not doing things 

Victor Feria: the right way? I think a little bit of both. [00:06:00] Um, you know, I always say partner with a management company instead of, you know, necessarily starting on your own.

Victor Feria: I think there's a lot of benefits. You know, we have a foundation, we have it set. Um, to make sure that right away, when you turn your, your, your, your Airbnb on, um, you're right away, you know, performing. So we have those tricks, we have those initiatives. We know the algorithm algorithms that Airbnb, um, is using.

Victor Feria: So immediately, you know, you can, you can, you can partner with a management company and they, and you have the know-how, um, instead of, you know, starting off slow, slowly by slow. Uh, so that's, that's a, you know. Kind of a great little, little tip there. Um, and secondly, you know, I think it's really the, the, the experience portion.

Victor Feria: You know, we, we talk about this very often that, um, our properties that don't, don't necessarily offer a great experience to guests aren't necessarily performing the greatest. Um, so those properties that, that, you know, have the pools, have the backyard that is set up, uh, for an experience, for an [00:07:00] enjoyment, for those Instagram moments.

Victor Feria: Um, I think those, not, I think I know that those are the properties that are, that are doing the best and performing the best. So right now we're having those conversations with our owners like, Hey, you know, we have this property over here, you know, this is how they're performing. They're doing great.

Victor Feria: Occupancy is high rates are high, you know, let's start adding that, that little bit, that little touch of experience. Um, and it'll go a long way. Yeah. 

Steve Turk: And listen, I was going to tell like people who are starting out, I knew people who started in 2021 and 22 that are struggling now. It's. You've got to know your competition.

Steve Turk: You've got to look who's around you. So many people think that I'm just going to open the doors. People are going to be flooding in. I'm going to be rich and getting my, my Ferrari and Lambo, like these dreams that some people had that they told us, uh, like they go one person in particular, but you know, these things, it's not the case.

Steve Turk: There's a lot more competition. And when there's a lot more competition, you've got to be at the top of your game. So you can't just think you're going to open up a place that you just bought in a terrible neighborhood and think people are going to enjoy [00:08:00] being there. Really look at the location, make sure they're legal, right?

Steve Turk: Victor, like make sure you're doing things. You don't want to spend all that money and then all of a sudden get knocked on the door with permits that you need to have. Cause now we're doing this in multiple cities, not just South Florida, West coast of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, soon to be North Carolina.

Steve Turk: And every place has different rules and regulations, but. Look, the squeeze is on everywhere. We just happen to be like in the epicenter from this report and we get to see the front lines of people crashing and burning. Luckily we're not then we're, we're moving up, but it's going to get interesting. Do you think that people are going to keep getting into it or do you think people are going to start like realizing like, wow, this is way 

Victor Feria: harder?

Victor Feria: Yeah, that's a great question. You know, I think, um, I think. A lot of the owners, the ones that are doing it right, the ones that are in for the long run, they're going to see the benefits. You know, I see a lot of, um, properties that, that we, we discussed that don't have those, uh, those specifics and those are going to drop [00:09:00] off.

Victor Feria: Um, so, you know, I believe supply is gonna, is gonna, uh, be less, the demand is going to stay high, and those who come out on the, on the, on the back end are the ones that are going to come out winning. So, um, you know, we discussed this with our owners frequently, you know, just be patient. This is just a wave, you know, we know this hospitality wave, we come from hotels, we've seen it before.

Victor Feria: Um, and it's really just coaching them and, and, and kind of, uh, and taking them through the, the, the process and, and, and ensuring them it's, we're going to come out on the, on the better end of this. We just have to be patient and do things the right way. 

Steve Turk: Yeah. I think some of these properties too, what they don't realize is that they're competing directly with hotels, right?

Steve Turk: Cause a lot of these are like studios, like one bedrooms. You know, we tell our, what do we tell our clients? We tell 'em all the time. Aim for a two bedroom or bigger if you can. Unless you're in a great hot spot that's gonna crush. Exactly. Why? Why do we tell 'em that, Victor? 

Victor Feria: Yes. We don't, we don't necessarily want to compete with, um, with hotels.

Victor Feria: You know, one bedrooms, one bathrooms [00:10:00] are the most common offerings. Mm-Hmm. , uh, for hotels. So we wanna stay away, uh, away from those, you know, we want to look at bigger units, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, especially, you know, with a kitchen kitchenette. Um, accessories that don't necessarily. Um, are available in hotel and that way you differentiate yourself and you're not necessarily not only competing with hotels, but you're also going to be competing with other short term rentals.

Victor Feria: So really what we're trying to do is just, you know, bring that competition down and really stand out. 

Steve Turk: Yeah. The other thing in this report that kind of goes to that is that, you know, pricing is going up on all the expenses. So like all of our expenses are going up. Um, and insurance being the biggest one.

Steve Turk: So we want people to know, like, especially in this report, you don't think about like how insurance is doubling on homes and on properties and in Florida and other areas of the country too, like you're on the coast. So you just got to know your numbers, make sure you study it. If you don't know it, don't have to call us, but call someone in your area that is specializes in this.

Steve Turk: You can use AI [00:11:00] tools now like chat GPT and others that will help you coach it through. But that's the one thing these expensive skyrocketing. So you've got to know like vendors that you can get good pricing from. This report was really cool and it's on skip and we'll put it in the notes of the show so you can click on it and see, but it's a great job on this report.

Steve Turk: It was just amazing to see that in the entire country, our city, that our home base is the place that everything is 

Victor Feria: going on. Yeah, I think so too. I mean, we have our Art Basel going on right now. I think we're, we're, we're in the peak of it. I know you're going to an event this afternoon. So we have a lot of, uh, a lot of events, a lot of cool things happening in the city and you could feel it, right?

Victor Feria: You could kind of feel it. Nearing the Christmas and the holidays. Um, so it's cool. I think Miami is, it's, it's going to be a staple. 

Steve Turk: I love it. Well, keep it going. And if you're coming to Miami, let us know. We'd love to host you. Uh, so there's some other big news more in Florida, but this can go to anywhere in the state.

Steve Turk: There's a new law that is being proposed. Right. So tell people listening, if you're in this industry, make sure you're staying up on those [00:12:00] laws. Join your local, um, activation society. Like we're the co chairs of FAVR, the Florida Alliance for Vacation Rentals. Uh, first for the south florida chapter day and brown.

Steve Turk: And so we're always seeing these things come through and this one's unique. And so we don't know enough about it, we're not lawyers, but we know we see something that's a little bit off. And this is the law SB 280, where the case rental bills is proposed where if you have your own direct booking site, so like Tanya has one, a lot of companies, right?

Steve Turk: It's all about booking direct. And if you have your own direct booking website, you need to make sure that you're adding licensing and regulated activities of public lodging establishments and public food service items which are preempted to the state, require advertising platforms to require that persons placing advertisements or listings for vacation rentals include certain information in those advertisements or listings.

Steve Turk: And if you don't. Follow these rules on your websites, they can refuse to issue, uh, or renew your certifications or [00:13:00] suspend your vacation rental licenses. So it's pretty aggressive for not following these rules that they're proposing. So do we want to do things the right way? Absolutely. We don't want to be the party houses in the streets.

Steve Turk: We don't want to be the companies that are destroying neighborhoods, but it gets a little scary when the government starts coming in and saying these things. What are you thinking when you 

Victor Feria: hear this? Right. I mean, you know, you kind of touched it on, um, right there. You know, we want to do things, uh, the right way we want, you know, there to not be a gray area.

Victor Feria: Um, and it could just be black and white. We know what we need, you know, just like hotels, they know. Exactly what they need to do, what the processes are to get, you know, the permitting. Um, and, and that's a good thing. That's a great thing. Uh, but it does, you know, kind of raise your eyebrows when the, the city, um, and the local municipalities have, you know, that power, that ability to say, hey, you know, three strikes and you're out, um, et cetera, et cetera.

Victor Feria: So really it's, you know, looking at these bills, [00:14:00] I believe it's going to be on the floor December 13th. That's when they're, they're proposing it. Uh, so looking at these bills. Uh, seeing, you know, the pros and the cons and if there are cons, you know, specific to you. Um, I think a great, great way is, you know, emailing, um, and sending out letters to, to, to, uh, the government, you know, to Tallahassee and letting them know and expressing your, your thoughts on, uh, what the good, you know, part of it and what you take, um, on it that is positive and also, you know, what is negative and could, um, impact your, your business.

Victor Feria: Uh, but I think it's. A step in the right way. Yeah. And I'll tell you 

Steve Turk: guys, make sure you just try it. If you send that email, you know, it feels like you're just sending it that you won't be seen or heard, but it definitely helps. And whether you have money or not to donate to associations, you don't have to, but you can give your time, you can go to a meeting and get help and learn to see what's going on, because if you think it can't happen to you, see what happened in New York, New York city shut down all of the short term rattles and [00:15:00] very quickly people who invested millions of dollars.

Steve Turk: And I was traveling, I was going to go to New York for the holidays and the prices of hotel rooms skyrocketed. So I'm sure, you know, our hotel friends are very happy there, but our vacation rental friends are not. So this shows you try to get involved. Um, we'll be hosting events in South Florida, but look around from some local chapters in your areas and see if you can go attend, um, because they would love to have you.

Steve Turk: I'm sure in doing it. 

Victor Feria: So they're going to be great events. And I think, uh, you know, for the listeners that they'll, they'll take a lot, you know, out of these meetings. Um, and we have a couple in mind, uh, that I think will be really informative. Um, and, and that's really, you know, really the game, uh, just being sure, making sure that you're informed, making sure that you know what's going on, what are the changes, um, so you can stay ahead of the game.

Victor Feria: Um, I think it's really, really important. 

Steve Turk: Yeah. If you have any questions, especially if you're here in Florida, send us a message. We can connect you with the right people. Um, no cost of anything. It's just [00:16:00] we want to connect you with the right people that can answer your questions. If you're starting or you're looking to grow and you wanna do things the right way, you know 

Victor Feria: Exactly.

Victor Feria: Send us message. We have, we have a great team at Favor, um, with a lot of, you know, professionals that, um, are really passionate, you know, about, about the industry. So we have a great team that we can connect you with if you have any questions. Yeah, shout 

Steve Turk: out to Dennis who runs it. He does a tremendous job of organizing our whole state.

Steve Turk: Oh yeah. We're talking about organizing and doing things the right way. Let's get into our second part of the show is best practices. So we're going to come out here every show to try and give you a handful of best practices, whether you're just starting out or you're an experienced operator that you might be able to implement, um, we'll give you three today, you know, we don't want to overload you with too much information, uh, so maybe we go back and forth, Victor, how about the first one, what's one of your best practices you would 

Victor Feria: recommend to somebody?

Victor Feria: So right now, I mean, best practices, um, necessarily, you know, there's a bunch, um, but I think most, most. Kind of the formidable [00:17:00] one is the communication, right? I think, um, having a solid, uh, solid communication team, you know, we we've seen it, how we've taken the communication as far as, uh, you know, slower response time to much, much quicker time.

Victor Feria: And immediately it's, uh, changed the experience, um, right around. Not only are we able to control. Um, you know, the, the experience for the guests much more, but if there is an issue, if there is a problem, you know, we can respond to them, uh, fairly quickly and give them an answer right away. You know, we all, we always used to do this in hotels.

Victor Feria: I don't know if you used to do this, um, Steve, but in the morning meetings are our lead. Uh, you know, we would start the meeting and then for about a minute, minute and a half, you would just stay quiet. We'd all look around. You're like, okay, what's going on? Is this something going on? And then you look at his watch, a minute 30 passed by, and you would say, a minute and 30, that's how long those guests have to wait for those keys in front of their door.

Victor Feria: It's like, so for us right now, you know, it doesn't seem like a lot of time because, you know, you're working, you're doing stuff, but if the [00:18:00] guest is waiting to get into the door, a minute and 30, you know, that takes, that's a long time. It's a long 

Steve Turk: time, especially when you're standing in a hallway or just waiting, or imagine being outside of a spooky house for a minute, for a much, like 10 you don't have it set 


Victor Feria: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. You know, I can't imagine at one, two in the morning, um, I guess trying to figure out how to get in and then there's nobody there to, to, to assist them. So it's a big deal, uh, for sure, you know, tying that, um, tying that ship communication and, and, and the seamless, uh, communication between the guests and your team.

Victor Feria: That's that's I think it's, it's key. Yeah. It's 

Steve Turk: been a huge focus for us this year. We've seen that make a huge difference in our customer service scores where you dropped it by a significant amount. Um, and we still have a ways to go to get it to where we want it at a minute and a half, but we're, we're getting closer and closer to every message being answered there.

Steve Turk: But, and for listeners, you say, well, I only have one property. I, how am I going to communicate at one, three in the morning? Right. I said, look, if you can, like we were lucky enough to have our own receptionist in house that handle all this [00:19:00] 24 seven, but we had to build to that. And I think you can dabble if you go on Fiverr or look on different websites, there's virtual assistants you can hire just to cover the time that you're sleeping or.

Steve Turk: You know, the times that maybe you have a full time job and this is a little side hustle. So look to that. See if you can find someone to help you. And it's a lot less expensive than you think. 

Victor Feria: Yeah. Yeah. Someone, someone, um, completely in a different time zone than you, you know, or you are, um, sleeping, they are awake.

Victor Feria: So they're more, um, available to those, to those guests at that time. 

Steve Turk: Yeah. So look into that. That's a great first tip. My first tip to share with everybody, which I think you can all do this is. Get professional pictures taken of your property. I know that the iPhone, I have the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Fancy, right?

Steve Turk: But it still doesn't take as good a picture as a professional because I don't have that eye, uh, for detail. But I would tell you, when your guests are looking to make a reservation, they look at the first [00:20:00] five photos and they make their decision on their first five photos. And there's a lot of studies out there that show it.

Steve Turk: So if your first five photos are not your best photos, Change that today. If you're listening to this in the car, don't do it now. When you're home and you happen to be watching us, one of our two listeners right now, make that change. Okay. Make that change. Go through your five photos and make sure they are the best.

Steve Turk: And we, and Victor and I sometimes debate, like, was that our best photo to start with? Do we need to change it? I mean, you can tweak it back and forth because everyone has a different eye for what's the best, but it's clear. Once you dial it in, we had a property, which we got them professional photos. The owner refused.

Steve Turk: And the revenue took off, 

Victor Feria: right? Immediately. Immediately. Yeah, it's a big deal. I love that point. That's a, that's a really, really good, um, second, uh, best practice point, Steve. It's, it's imperative. You know, we've seen the difference, you know, from when we just started 2018. We're like, all right, you know what?

Victor Feria: We're going to save these owners a couple of, um, a couple of hundred dollars on cost. I [00:21:00] went in there. You went in there. We were there taking our photos, um, with, with our phones, but immediately, you know, we, we started noticing. Um, those professional photos go a long way, um, go a long way for the guests.

Victor Feria: And like you say, those first five photos are, are just key. Um, a little, a little quick, um, uh, note there, there's actually sites and software now that could actually rank and rate, um, your photos, your descriptions and tell you, Hey, you know, maybe this is not rating. Um, as high as you want to, you want it to be, you know, maybe tweak some things around.

Victor Feria: Um, and I think after the show, we could probably add a couple of those, those sites on there. Um, those are great tools. Those are really great tools. 

Steve Turk: Yeah. I think that's a great point. So get your photos done, communication tightened up. What's number three for them, Victor? What do you got that they can take away today as tip number three?

Victor Feria: Experiences. Experiences. We, we talked about it in the beginning, uh, but now, you know, not necessarily, you know, having that, that pool or having that hacky sack out there, [00:22:00] the ping pong table, et cetera. Now we're talking about, you know, services that create experiences. So, you know, services of concierge services that, you know, the guests can rent their cars, rent.

Victor Feria: Um, rent or buy tickets to, to, um, to concerts, um, have, you know, the, the, I know it's big here in Miami, but rent your yacht or rent your boats to go out with your group. Um, that's a big deal. You know, another one that really, really does great for us is, um, is shout out room box. Um, room box does amazing for us.

Victor Feria: Basically, it's a company. That almost like a door dash, right? Um, but really intended for short term rental and hotels. Uh, basically what they do is the guests, you know, just imagine yourself running late or, or your flight is delayed. Um, you're with your kids, you know, in the morning you're going to need milk.

Victor Feria: You're going to need, you know, all the essentials to have a great breakfast and start your vacation off the right way. But you're coming in at one, two in the morning, you know, maybe our local Publix or maybe your grocery stores are not [00:23:00] open where you can actually go ahead and order pre order that, um, ahead of time.

Victor Feria: And the guests will get there, they'll have, um, a nice little room box, uh, box basically. Um, and then with all the groceries and everything you need, we give them access. We give them, um, you know, specialized code that they bring in the food, they set it up, they take photos. Um, and then, and then the guests are happy and when they arrive, it's, you know, how great would it be just to arrive to your Airbnb or to your property?

Victor Feria: Um, and, and immediately you have your food and everything and all of your offerings. So that's a great, great little, um, little tip there. I think that's a great one. And 

Steve Turk: what I like about Roombox too is I put things nicely, like labels out in the fridge, like set up. So it looks like a true hospitality.

Steve Turk: Company and not just thrown in there and bags, right? So I think those are great. So for listeners, we covered a couple of things today that I think you can look at your communication. How quickly are you answering people? You know, second, how are you marketing your place? Are your first five pictures [00:24:00] tight and right?

Steve Turk: Do they look good? Are they getting people to click and book with you and then experiences? Which can be big things like, I think we should go get a yacht. I would be happy to call on our vendors and do it for a possible week, uh, as little as just making sure that you have what they're asking for when they get there.

Steve Turk: For sure. So there's all different ways to do this, um, as you're going through. So great tips, especially for the first show, we'll have more for you, every show. Um, and we'll get into some others. If you have any questions, feel free to write us over at info at tangymgmt. com. So tangy info at. Or is it info at Tangy 

Victor Feria: MGMT dot com.

Victor Feria: Got 

Steve Turk: it. And there you go. So we would love to hear you. Well, we read them all and we would answer your questions. So the third part, we're going to work on this. You know, as our first show, we're getting in and out of things. So we're talking about, we talked about some trends, some news. We gave you some tips already, you know, maybe some tools, right?

Steve Turk: Some people are always wondering like, what are you using? Why don't we give them one thing that we've [00:25:00] changed to? We just changed our housekeeping team and operation onto a new tool. Tell us about it, Victor. What did we. We don't say what we changed from, but what are we using now and why do we like it?

Victor Feria: Yeah. So first I think we'll, we'll give them one, uh, for today and we'll save the other one for, for next week, but we are using Breezeway. So shout out, um, to Breezeway. It's a great, great, uh, tool for scheduling. Um, you know, your housekeeping team, your, um, your, your maintenance team, you know, we, we come from hotels.

Victor Feria: We, we kind of assimilated to hot sauce, which is a tool that, you know, is used a lot in hotels as well. Um, it's great for reporting, you know, I love the reporting factor of it. Uh, because a lot of our, you know, the owners and owners that we, we manage their properties for, they live all over the country, uh, not necessarily here in, in South Florida, they can live, you know, outside of, uh, outside of Florida or on another, you know, uh, another country, um, altogether.

Victor Feria: So the reporting is a [00:26:00] great, great way of, um, the owners being able to see, you know, what the property looks like, what, you know, we called, uh, them for if let's say, you know, we have a couple of. Uh, times that we send out a personnel for a maintenance issue and it's not the first, not the second or third time we could set those reports and send them to the owner and say, Hey, you know, this specific, we've had to send somebody, you know, over more than two, three times, let's go ahead and see if there's a ability to either repair it, replace it, um, or whatnot.

Victor Feria: So. It's been a great tool. Um, it's so easy and user friendly. Um, our, our team, our team loves it. We, we get a lot of it, a lot from it, but I think it's imperative, you know, as, as far as when you start, I think maybe 10 more properties, 10 or more properties, good, good tool, um, to start using it. It'll make your life much, much easier.

Victor Feria: Yeah. Our team likes it a lot 

Steve Turk: too, right? They've been using it a ton. Oh yeah. Really adjusting to it well, because sometimes it's hard to change from a tool that, you know, so well that we had before to a brand new tool, but the [00:27:00] housekeepers like it, the engineering team likes it, the supervisors like it, you like it.

Steve Turk: So that's the good news. So we give a shout out to Jeremy Gall from Breezeway. He's the founder and CEO. I actually had him on my other podcast, the Hospitality Mentor, every Tuesday it comes out, but you can hear his interview on how he created that company and why he did. Um, so shout out to Jeremy of Breezeway as our tool of the week.

Steve Turk: I like that. That could be like a tool of the week. Tim, the tool man, Taylor over here. We got, um, all right, everybody. First episode. I can't believe it's flown by this far. Really keep, you know, to 30 minutes, uh, with you. We want to leave you wanting more and we want to make sure we pack in a lot of value as you're listening to us.

Steve Turk: I know there's so many podcast episodes out there and we want to make sure that you enjoy it, that we're giving you value. Um, And Victor, our first episode in the books, man, how 

Victor Feria: do you feel? I'm excited. I'm excited. You know, I was thinking about that this morning. Um, you know, you just brought up Hospitality Mentor, [00:28:00] your first show.

Victor Feria: I was, uh, I felt lucky and privileged to be the first guest in your show. And if you listen to that, you know, to that episode, episode number one of Hospitality Mentor, to what it is now. It's incredible. Right? So that's what excites me. This is our first episode. We just got her, you know, our feet wet. I can't imagine what, you know, 20, 30 episodes in will look like.

Victor Feria: And I think we're gonna add a lot of unique twists. We're gonna add a lot of tips and tools and I think it's gonna be a really, really good podcast and listening. Um, experience for the viewers. I think they'll take a lot out of it. I 

Steve Turk: think so too. And we're going to start to do these lives. So this one's recorded.

Steve Turk: We wanted to get our feet wet, making sure that we had this down properly, but I feel good and I would love to invite all of you to start watching when we do them Fridays at 10 a. m. Um, weekly, we're going to stick to that, uh, schedule and listen until next week, Victor, I talk to you soon and listeners.

Steve Turk: Thanks for joining us. 

Victor Feria: Thank you. Thank you. So next week.[00:29:00] 

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