Episode 3: Marriott's Apartment Expansion, Transparent Property Management and New Vacation Rental Laws

Steve Turk: [00:00:00] And we are back episode three of Tangy Talks. And this time we are live on LinkedIn. So LinkedIn, if you're out there, let us know where you're from, where you're watching from. I think we have like three viewers now, so maybe we'll ask some questions. Victor, we're, we're getting there. We're moving 

Steve Turk: up from one, so now we're at three.

Steve Turk: So hey, we keep doubling. Who knows where we'll be, but there you go. Uh, make sure we're live. We're answering questions, but we're going to go over a couple of topics today. But before we jump in, it's been a crazy couple of weeks and we've been focusing on taking the next step in our company and really focused on training and doing a lot of things with our team.

Steve Turk: It was really exciting. I mean, what'd you think about some of these trainings that we went through? 

Victor Feria: They've been, they've been eyeopening. Um, you know, they've set us up for the year. I think it's a perfect timing to do that too, as well, you know, setting us up for. Uh, 2024 and getting our goals in place, uh, one year goals or three year goals, [00:01:00] aligning them and making sure everything is all set.

Victor Feria: And then, uh, the training with the team, it's crucial, you know, we want to make sure, especially, uh, in the thick of high season that we have all the tools and we're all set, right? 

Steve Turk: Yeah. And look, we set a goal and we'll put it out there to the universe. Now we want to get to a hundred. Properties, a hundred keys by the end of the year, there you go.

Steve Turk: As we double in size. So if you're out there and want to work with us, we're ready to work with you. We're excited for some of the things we've got going on. Let's have some other unique things coming up that are not just vacation rental that. Hey, we can talk about on our next episode, but let's jump into it.

Steve Turk: Cause we have some fun stuff to talk about. Um, you know, one of them, it was been some big news on some other shows. I've seen the headlines come around is that Marriott, the biggest hotel company in the world is getting more and more into the vacation rental world. Now they've always been with Marriott homes and villas, but that wasn't their actual properties.

Steve Turk: At least not all of them. It was a lot of like our properties are some of our competitors properties that get a Marriott stamp [00:02:00] and they can use the points, but now they're getting into apartments. And so I'm curious to see what you think of this, Victor. Let's put up a picture as you talk about it.

Steve Turk: Here's the image of what the Marriott rendering will look like. What do you think of that? It's beautiful. 

Victor Feria: Well, it's exciting. You know, I started my career working with Marriott. Um, I know you worked with Marriott sometime also, so. They've come a long way. I mean, it's a amazing brand and it's exciting to see that they're, you know, taking a step into, um, our world, our short term vacation world.

Victor Feria: So the properties look beautiful. The locations they have set to, to build in. Um, are going to be very interesting and I'm excited to see, you know, we are, um, also going to be launching our channel booking through Marriott, um, that they've, uh, they've had, uh, in beta test mode, uh, for some time. So we're excited to see that and see how it rolls.

Victor Feria: We have, uh, we've heard good feedback, uh, from Marriott booking channels for vacation rentals. So. We're excited. They have a lot of stuff planned for [00:03:00] us. Yeah. What 

Steve Turk: I see with this is like, this is their first ever launch of their own apartment. And so it just shows like, this isn't going anywhere. This is how people really want to travel.

Steve Turk: This is how they want to. Have their lifestyle. It's not just in a hotel room anymore. People are looking for this apartment style place and where they're going to start testing. This is, um, they said the first property open in kind of San Juan, Puerto Rico, but really the first ones that look like this are going to be in Detroit.

Steve Turk: And then St. Louis. And so those two cities will be the first ones to get them. And I'm curious to see how they do. Cause there's so many competitors. Like we see like a Sonder, right? They got into the apartment complex game, lease out the whole apartment, rent it out like a hotel. Now the hotel is building an apartment to compete.

Steve Turk: So I guess they've seen that people like this and we have some friends and other companies that are doing something similar. They got to raise the game up. Cause now you've got the big [00:04:00] boy coming in, hotel standards, the. Hotel booking engine, um, 

Victor Feria: Marriott points, you know, they have all they have it all.

Victor Feria: Yeah, it's going to be exciting. I'm also looking at these other 2 locations and that they've actually just signed. To Saudi Arabia and Italy. So those are two, um, fresh markets that, um, are really growing markets, um, especially in, you know, Saudi Arabia. It's, uh, um, so it's interesting. It's, uh, it's, it's exciting to see and, and love to hear and learn more about it.

Victor Feria: Yeah. Cause in 

Steve Turk: Detroit, they're going to have 92 units, right? I grew apartments. They have a fitness center, restaurant access, and they're saying it's going to open in the third quarter of 2024. So. You know, let's see how it's going to look around in the fall and in St. Louis, it's 50 unit property. Um, and it's co located with a hotel.

Steve Turk: So they're using their Sheraton hotel to team up with this apartment. So you can stay in the hotel side over the Sheraton or you come over here. But for us, like, you know, I think a lot of people are [00:05:00] nervous because like, Oh, it's, you know, we're going to get put out of business. I think maybe Marriott might buy some of those places and say, Hey, we'll just buy you and now you're Marriott branded if they're done the right way.

Steve Turk: I mean, but how do you feel like for our company? I'm not too worried about it because we have a lot more like single family property homes, right? Um, we do have some multifamily that I could see where that's going to have to raise our game up. What are you thinking when you see that? 

Victor Feria: Yeah, we're really, you know, I think it goes, uh, into a lot of what we talked about in our last episode, you know, of, uh, having that niche, um, or the niche, uh, market and having that, you know, experience that basically, um, you know, puts you out or puts you over, um, or, or, or key centers you, um, into what you're doing and to what difference, you know, you're doing versus Marriott.

Victor Feria: So, um, we still think that the experience and that uniqueness. Uh, we'll really outshine. So hopefully, you know, with Marriott, um, you could stand out, um, and be a differentiator. And I think [00:06:00] you'll, you'll, you'll be able to, to 


Steve Turk: Now on the flip side, we both worked in hotels, right? I have my opinion on this, but what advice would you give Marriott going into vacation rentals and apartments?

Steve Turk: Cause it's two different kinds of setups. What would you come first thing to mind? Like when you think about like, here's the advice I'm going to give a hotel company that they think they know everything. 

Victor Feria: Right. Uh, immediately is, uh, you know, make sure that you have the systems in place, um, to operate in, in all of these different booking channels.

Victor Feria: I know they're going to be, you know, depending a lot of them under direct booking, which I'm sure they'll, they'll, they'll get, uh, but if they are going to be using these external, you know, booking channels is having that system set up, uh, because. If, uh, you don't, we've seen it, you know, and you can tell that it's a lot of, you know, things ongoing.

Victor Feria: You don't want to be, you know, double booking, you want to make sure the rights are, um, in the right place on the right booking channel. So making sure that you have, you know, the right heart, the right operating system and everything in place to, to see those bookings come in and make sure everything is in 

Steve Turk: accordance.

Steve Turk: Yep. I think mine, rough top, [00:07:00] if I was in a, someone from area was asking us, I'd say. They use the rooms differently than hotel rooms, right? Like hotel rooms. You're in there. It's not usually a place you're hanging out the whole time. And you go and exploring the city and doing things like this is a place you're going to be in a lot more you're cooking.

Steve Turk: You want to do your own cleaning. You want to do your own laundry. So you've got to provide those supplies and really think about that differently because there's hotels that have presidential suites that have like a place to cook, but those people aren't cooking for themselves. Usually it's like a staff or a private chef doing those things like.

Steve Turk: Or cooking genie. Yeah, they need the right tools for cooking. They want to have the pots and pans. They want to have everything set up. I recently stayed at a hotel that's set up that way, like an apartment. Right. And stuff was rusted. Like I wanted to cook something I couldn't cook there. And that was really why we booked it.

Steve Turk: So Marriott, think about those things as you get into it. And I'm sure they're getting a lot of data from doing the Marriott homes and villas and seeing what other operators do. Right. So [00:08:00] they're probably like looking at our stuff as we applied and seeing how we do certain things. And I'm actually excited because I think more and more hotels will get into it.

Steve Turk: And I think it will differentiate and really upgrade the whole industry and be like much better because there's certain places like you and I go, like, what do we always say? Like who would stay here? 

Victor Feria: Your mom, right? Would our mom stay here? Would our mother stay here? And that's our, um, our, our basically our key focus to make sure that, uh, she'll enjoy the place and she'll love it there.

Victor Feria: So that's, uh, That's our, that's our quote. We've been using that one. 

Steve Turk: I think we got to get some swag. It'll be tangy. Would your mom stay here? Or your mom would love to stay here. Sometime. We need our marketing team to work on it. So marketing team clip this and we're going to get some swag. There 

Victor Feria: you go.

Victor Feria: And I have a question for you, Steve. You know, speaking along with, uh, with, uh, with Marriott, you know, if, let's say like if you're Marriott and you are looking into these, uh, specific markets. You know, are you looking for something like local? Are you looking, you know, when you're in the development stage, are you [00:09:00] looking something to attract?

Victor Feria: Or you're just trying to, you know, stay on brand. Um, if you 

Steve Turk: were America, yeah, that's a great question. I think what I would be looking for are big cities that we're currently in. And maybe like, I like that they teamed up with a Sheraton hotel. So you have like a home base for operations to, to kind of be able to.

Steve Turk: To take care of it. And we've seen it kind of with Yotel, right? Yotel has their hotel and they built their Yotel pad together and the pads are doing. Very well. They're very nice and they've got nice furniture and it's a great location. The one here in Miami. Um, and some of our friends operate in there and we're looking at that as well.

Steve Turk: So if I'm Marriott, I'm looking at popular cities where you have these digital nomads now because people can work from anywhere, right? Like, we have remote people on our team and they could work from this place for a couple of weeks and go to the next one. And exactly what I would love to see is some kind of membership, like, where you could pay a flat rate and be able to go [00:10:00] to, or I'm going to be in Miami this week.

Steve Turk: Then I'm going to St. Louis, then I'm going here and be able to have your apartment that you're used to. That'd be 

Victor Feria: amazing. Yeah. So strong wifi, strong wifi for sure. That's 

Steve Turk: the big one. You need strong wifi and supplies. People want to be cooking, cleaning, doing their thing in there. That was a great question.

Steve Turk: So Marriott, do you need some advice? Victor and I are here for you. Um, but look at, you know, we talk about, we manage properties, right? So like our business model is we've been asset light the whole time, similar to Marriott. We manage the properties. We don't own the properties. We've been looking at dabbling in that, but we've had a lot of people starting to come our way.

Steve Turk: Right. We've seen a lot of people that signed up with companies because they were the cheapest or, you know, they got sold pretty well with all these fancy marketing techniques and joined companies. And now they're coming to us and be like, man, it just was not what I expected. And I have no [00:11:00] transparency.

Steve Turk: I have no idea how many bookings we have. I don't know what I'm going to make every month. They won't take any of my feedback and it's lucky for us. We've been picking up properties and so why don't you, I think we should give the listeners and if you're a property owner or if you're looking to be a property manager in a short term rental, vacation rental, I think this, this property is actually good 'cause we sold them a year ago and they say we were too expensive right now.

Steve Turk: We signed them because they've. Come back over and seeing that we are the right way to do certain things. So, or some things they told you during that process of why they came over to us. I 

Victor Feria: mean, you spoke on it there, you know, big, big thing is, um, what now owners are looking for is, um, is that transparency, um, you know, that good communication between owner, um, and, you know, operating company or management.

Victor Feria: Um, so, you know, that's seamless transparency and communication is a big deal to the owner, you know, we sometimes think and get wrapped up into our internal, [00:12:00] into our operations and sharing that things are getting done things are, you know, properties are clean, we have all of our supplies and things of that nature, but, uh, we sometimes forget about the owners, the people who entrusted us, right?

Victor Feria: Um, and, and gave us their keys. And I always think that's a, that's a huge, huge deal. Um, somebody giving you their keys for an investment property that could have been their life savings, you know, could have been, um, you know, their family home, et cetera, so it's a big deal. Um, you know, this one in particular that we're speaking about, uh, came to us with those two, you know, two problems and the way that we've been able to offset those and what we keep hearing from other clients that have been working with us that come from other management companies is the transparency and the tools that we have.

Victor Feria: Uh, to show that transparency, you know, one, um, you know, being the owner's portal where we can, where, where the owners can see the calendar live, see how many guests are booking, what the total of the payout is, what the occupancy rate 80 are and such, um, is they could even block their property if they want to use it themselves.

Victor Feria: So they like that [00:13:00] flexibility and ability to just turn on, um, um, you know, a button and see everything alive. Um, we have reporting system that gets sent out to the owners every week. That shows them all of the future bookings. Um, and then we have with our software BreezeWave, um, we have a great reporting system that we send out to them every month.

Victor Feria: Um, basically at the end of the month, we'll say, Hey, owner, you know, here's everything that happened throughout your property. You know, here's the photos and the checklist from our checkout. Here are the photos, um, and checklist from our inspections. Did we have any maintenance issues at the property?

Victor Feria: Here's. Um, you know, what the maintenance issue was and what we did to close it or what we did to repair, uh, that issue and that transparency, um, is, is basically, you know, uh, taking us a long way and the owners is one of the key things that the owners love, um, about us and then the communication, you know, having those open lines, but setting those boundaries, uh, with the owners as well, because we know that's important and we all have our personal life, et cetera, uh, but ensuring that they know.

Victor Feria: You [00:14:00] know, what, um, when they can, you know, who they can contact for certain problems, uh, when they can contact you, you know, we have that submittal form, uh, that you, uh, that you helped us create, that the owners can go in almost like a support, a support, uh, you know, uh, chat or the support, um, submittal form, basically they could go in, um, submit whatever questions they have specific to what the problem is.

Victor Feria: And send those in and it goes to the right department. Right. So that's a, that's a big, big takeaway that, that we've seen work. 

Steve Turk: Yeah. I've been shocked when we talked to some of these people, I was like, you have no view of what's going on. And these are like, not small companies that they're joining. These are big companies and they don't have a view of any of this stuff.

Steve Turk: So I'm excited that we can help that way. Um, but they're facing a lot of challenges too, not just on like reporting. It's also, you know, what their property looks like. Is it damaged? They're not getting any reports. And so some of these. Property owners that come over to us, go into the home and the place is a disaster [00:15:00] because some of these other companies aren't actually going into the property and inspecting it.

Steve Turk: They're just. Using outsourced housekeepers that are coming in, checking off that they cleaned it and never actually looking at it, right? And so there's so many dings and dents and scrapes and, you know, scratches on furniture that we end up seeing that we take care of with our team because people are traveling.

Steve Turk: It's not, they're not using it like their home. Exactly. They're using it for a place to crash. And again, it goes back to what we were just telling Marriott before. People use these apartments different than they use a hotel room or their own home. Maybe some people treat their home that way, 

Victor Feria: they're spending a lot more time.

Victor Feria: Um, I think in the property, you know, than than they would at a hotel room. So, uh, you're going to see that wear and tear, you know, with this specific client that we're talking about, um, right before the transition, um, that we signed the agreement and we, we move forward with the. Um, with our services with them, we went to the property and our team, you know, FaceTime [00:16:00] them, uh, you know, during the, the, the onboarding phase to show them, you know, walk the property to ensure that everything is there to do an inventory and to look at the property.

Victor Feria: And to your point, you know, there was a couple of things that, you know, was caught to them by surprise. Um, that, you know, we, we, we felt their frustration, so we want, we saw that, you know, and we want to make sure that we're, we're being able to, um, to service them and to not commit those same, those same errors and put things in 

Steve Turk: place.

Steve Turk: Yeah. The other thing I think is unique that we do is that we actually give you your account back. We set up individual accounts, which is much harder to run and operate. Take the time to do it. So write an example for if you're starting out there is. Create the Airbnb account with you. And if for any reason you want to leave, what do 

Victor Feria: we do?

Victor Feria: I would give that account back to you. That's your account that you can, you know, book other Airbnbs from that you can, you know, continue hosting it yourself. Or, you know, if you, if you think along the lines, you, you know, you want to try out a different management company that becomes yours. That's, uh, you know, where all of your reviews [00:17:00] and all of the hard work.

Victor Feria: Um, and your face, you know, um, the owner's faces is being the person, um, you know, at, uh, that is the host and the person that is showing as, um, you know, responsible for, for your state. So we want to give that back to the owners and have them keep that and have that account to them because it's really important.

Steve Turk: Yeah, we're trying to take over another property now where they have zero access to it and they have to start from scratch, which will help them build it up and get back to being a guest favorite because. We've got a bunch of our homes became guest favorites on Airbnb and there's only, uh, I think it's like only 2 million around the world that have those stamps on them.

Steve Turk: So we've got several of them. So we'll get there again. On the flip side, if you were, let's give us some of our secrets away. So if somebody wanted to start a property management company, like we have people come to us all the time. I'm picturing a couple of people in my head. What advice would you give them if they were just starting out and they had like one or two properties?

Steve Turk: It's like, what advice would you tell them about transparency and how [00:18:00] to incorporate that? 

Victor Feria: Yeah, you know, right away. It's a great question right away. You know, what comes to mind is like you mentioned, you know, transparency. It's ensuring that you have the right people in the right place. And then the team, you know, I get asked that a lot.

Victor Feria: You know, there's so many intricacies and different things that can go wrong in a property. You know, how do you do it? Because, you know, you're. You have so many things that can go wrong in a property and I say it's the team, um, it's the team so, you know, get yourself someone, um, that is trustworthy that you know you can build with, um, that has your back that, you know, if at 9, 10 PM, you know, something, something were to happen on the property, you know, that person is going to, you know, run to the property and going to give care as much as you do.

Victor Feria: Because we say that sometimes, you know, nobody, um, you know, people really don't care as much as the owner does. But if you do, you know, give yourself that care and that that service and that really, you know, that big need to provide and service and you team up with somebody that that has that same feeling, you know, you can [00:19:00] build from that pretty quickly.

Victor Feria: Yeah, 

Steve Turk: I agree with you. You need, you need the right people, right? Right. People in the right seats. We've learned last couple of weeks in our trainings, right? People in the right seats doing what they need to do. Exactly. Yeah. So I think for anyone out there and owners of properties, and you're looking to really team up, ask those questions.

Steve Turk: What views do I get? How can I track this? Do I get my own owners portal? Because there are some really good companies out there that do great things. I just don't get caught up with some of these ones that we're starting to see are popping up a lot of places just to take. Your money is your money, right?

Steve Turk: It's your property. So just ensure that you're looking and doing your homework. Don't just go with the cheapest because sometimes like we always say, you pay Ikea prices, you get Ikea rates. So make sure you're sticking with them. Shifting a little bit. There's been a lot of news in a lot of different places across the country and across the globe, but we saw it in December that New York banned short term rentals across the city, which sent ripple effects [00:20:00] across the city.

Steve Turk: And I wrote an article, I talked about it. I think we got into USA today talking about it too. So that was pretty cool was hotels, of course, are going to win because there's less inventory, but something that no one really talked about was New Jersey took off and all their rates skyrocketed and Jersey, because why it's still legal over there.

Steve Turk: Like it just shows you how quickly this business can turn on a dime. And so you always have to be ready and looking for what's coming up and getting involved. Right. And get involved is. Join some associations. We've got to start doing those things. So Victor, what do you think about that? When you hear this happening in cities, it could happen in our cities that we work in, right?

Steve Turk: So what are 

Victor Feria: we doing? Yeah. So, I mean, it tells me one thing for sure is if, uh, you know, people are willing and, and, and, and wanting to, um, still, you know, go into a different market because of a ban, you know, in a certain place. That tells me one thing is that, you know, short term rental is here to stay, you know, there's a [00:21:00] market that we built or that has been built, um, specifically, you know, due to short term rental.

Victor Feria: So that shift tells me right away, you know, there's, there's, there's definitely an abundance in what we do, um, in need of what we do. So that's a great thing. You know, association, you touched on it. Uh, joining, you know, local associations joining, um, you know, as, as, as we are here in, in Florida, we are, you know, co chairs of the board of, uh, favor or Florida Alliance for Vacation Rentals.

Victor Feria: Um, and that's where we get a lot of, uh, information and a lot of news and a lot of, uh, changes, you know, happening into the future where we can communicate. Um, you know, to our owners and we could stay ahead of the game. Um, it's, it's really imperative and important that, you know, what's going to be happening or what's going to be happening, um, and the plans for your city.

Victor Feria: So you can stay ahead. Um, and I think those are two takeaways for sure. Well, 

Steve Turk: from what I see from that, I think I was shocked to see, like, how much legislation gets proposed. Like, I didn't because you never hear about it, but you see how many state senators and local [00:22:00] governments are proposing laws that never actually make it through.

Steve Turk: Right. And so these are things like woke me up like, whoa, like this is actually something that could get shut down in our major cities. Like Miami Beach shut it down right in certain zones and only allows it in certain areas. And it's super hard to get a license, right? Miami could do that very easily if they wanted, right?

Steve Turk: And then the county could do it. And I've seen it. So if New York City could do it, it could happen anywhere. So you really have to get on them. And get involved somehow, whether it's just paying a small fee to join an association, whether it's talking to people like us, asking your questions here in different platforms, it's really important because these associations are fighting for us to make sure we can still run this as an industry.

Steve Turk: Now, the other people will say, you know, we're, we're in both worlds, hotel and vacation rentals. The hotel world will say, we got no problem with vacation rentals. We just want you to do it. way, get your license just like a hotel has to get their license. Um, we don't want this to [00:23:00] be in, you know, an apartment building where all of a sudden you have one apartment, that's a party hotel, a room versus, you know, a residence where kids and families live.

Steve Turk: So. I think you and I are on the same page or some people that would hate us saying that do things the right way, get your license, understand the laws, know how to start off the right way. Um, because if you do that, you'll set up a strong business if you do it the other way and start running, you know, that party house in the middle of a nice neighborhood gives everybody a bad name.

Steve Turk: Um, there are people who have the whole business that way, so they wouldn't like us talking that way, but we want to do things by the book the right way, but we can also influence these laws. By joining the association, by getting involved and let's see, like, how can I help, right? How can I really make a difference?

Steve Turk: I just have a couple properties. You'd be surprised what a person with just a couple of properties and some initiative can do. It really makes a difference because we see it happening 

Victor Feria: immediately, immediately. Yeah. And that, you know, that makes me [00:24:00] think about, um, you know, a conference that I attended about two, three weeks ago.

Victor Feria: And I was, um, in one of the seminars where they were speaking about legislation and laws. Um, and one of the, uh, one of the person that was, uh, that was in the panel, um, they had that happen in their city. You know, and he basically has the playbook on how, how they combat it. You know, they put together an association in their city.

Victor Feria: Um, they put a group together to be able to work with the, with the, with the government and, you know, both, um, work in favor for each other. And he, he said it there, you know, while he was, he's standing and speaking to everyone, this has happened in my city. It can happen in your city. playbook. We, we put together the playbook.

Victor Feria: We got it done and this is how it works and there's people like that out there everywhere, you know, that that's happened in their cities. Um, so if, if, you know, you, you do see some possible change, maybe teaming up with these cities and giving them a call and say, Hey, you know, how did you do it? How did you, um, put it together?

Victor Feria: What, what did you, [00:25:00] you know, what battles did you have to, uh, to put out? What is the playbook, um, and show us the way, because, you know, I think it's gonna, it's gonna be really helpful to have that person and to have that peace of mind. 

Steve Turk: I agree with you. And so we're, we want to get people together, especially down here in South Florida.

Steve Turk: So we got to mention our event, right? So we're hosting the first one here in Miami, Florida. Um, and it's going to be on February 27th, uh, from 5 PM to 7 PM. And we'll probably hang out longer if, um, we have a good crowd. It's going to be at the Yotel. Hotel here in downtown Miami and in the links below we'll put, um, how to register for it, but we would love to see you there because we're going to be talking about the right way to start.

Steve Turk: We're going to have some people talking about what they've done to start the right way. And if all of us are experienced, at least we're all getting together and really making sure that everyone knows that our association is growing because it's not that big. Miami is one of the biggest Airbnb VRBO [00:26:00] vacation rental cities in the world.

Steve Turk: And there's only a handful of people involved right now. And so Victor and I are, no, we want to get people involved. Right. 

Victor Feria: Absolutely. Absolutely. And I think it'll be a great way to, to get to know the community, to get to know what, you know, favor is, is all about and, um, how we can help and how we can get, um, you know, involvement if I'm in your city and you don't have to necessarily be just from, you know, from Miami.

Victor Feria: You could, um, if you're in Broward, it's going to be great. It's a, you'll tell pad right in the middle of downtown. Um, right by the Bayside and the Casaya center. Um, so it's in great location. It's going to be fun. Uh, we're going to have, you know, 

Steve Turk: yeah, we'll have some drinks. We'll have some, uh, we'll have a speaker, but what I will tell you too, is if you're in Broward, love to see you come down.

Steve Turk: If you're another city, come on down. We can take the bright line train parks right over there, but also I just want to get this industry together because the hotel associations, which we're also part of is very tight and they fight for everything that they want to go. And so vacation [00:27:00] rentals needs to be the same way.

Steve Turk: And the only way to do that is for us to meet up, help each other. Um, so we can all succeed because as the tide rises, all boats will be rising too. Like we don't see it as like you're taking out of my mouth. We can all work together. And be successful here. 

Victor Feria: So February 27th, you'll tell pad. Yeah. 

Steve Turk: February 27th, ladies and gentlemen, come on down to the Yotel.

Steve Turk: Um, but like also there is, well, I know we have some other groups that we're already talking to the Casiola. We'll be there. Our friends at Casiola. I'm hoping we can get Romy over there and mint house and some others. So I'm calling you out here already and I'll send you a personal invite, but we'd love to see you.

Steve Turk: So. Victor, man, these shows go by quick, um, what is something this week in our company or in someone else's vacation around company or in hospitality that you felt like, wow, this has been great this week. 

Victor Feria: Yeah. So specific to us, um, you know, this week, um, we've, uh, we've been, we've been going and, uh, and, and [00:28:00] putting plans in place specifically for branding and marketing in our specific world.

Victor Feria: Um, you know, we, we, we want to target. Um, the right people, the right owners were knocking on doors, um, you know, and possible boutique hotels, um, to see if they, if they need a, a possible service and looking to do, you know, short term rental, um, and have our experience. So, um, we're really looking forward to turning, you know, um, uh, a new, a new or a better chapter, um, in the short term rental world and knocking on doors and seeing, um, you know, who wants to work with us and the right people in the right places.

Victor Feria: Um, and new opportunities, new developments. So I'm excited for all of those. 

Steve Turk: I think we've got some exciting ones and so they're different than the normal vacation rental world. It's like a meshing of this boutique hotel with the vacation rental things that people love, just like Marriott saw, right? So we didn't see that headline before we got on the show today, but we've already been working on that for a couple of months, so excited to bring some of this to you all.[00:29:00] 

Steve Turk: Well, Victor, that does another one of our Tangy talks, our first live show. Thank you all for joining live. I saw a couple of you pop in here. Um, next time we'll be answering your questions as well. So feel free to submit them here on our Tangy page on LinkedIn and make sure to subscribe on our YouTube page as well.

Steve Turk: Uh, for Tangy Talks, but until next week, we will see you then. Thank you. 

Victor Feria: Have a great one. See you soon.

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