Episode 5: Airbnb Surge In Miami Nuns on Airbnb Host Retaliation

Steve Turk: [00:00:00] Welcome to another episode of Tangy Talks here with Steve Turk and Victor Ferria. Happy Friday, Victor. Happy 

Victor Feria: Friday. Happy Friday, Steve. I gotta, I gotta say it's our fifth episode. So we hit a milestone. Episode five. I need to confide in you. We need the. We need everything going on here. 

Steve Turk: We're getting the thumbs up.

Steve Turk: Make sure it goes. Boom.

Victor Feria: There you go. That's all we need. 

Steve Turk: The new Apple system here. We got 

Victor Feria: there you go, man. How are you today? How are you 

Steve Turk: today, Steve? I'm feeling good. Uh, we've got a great episode that we're talking about today. We've got some things ranging from Miami's Airbnb boom to nuns starting Airbnbs to people getting payback for with, uh, bad reviews that we're going to talk about.

Steve Turk: Yeah, we're excited to talk about that. But last week we talked about our Super Bowl predictions. How did we do? 

Victor Feria: I think we should stick to our daytime job. You know, maybe we [00:01:00] predict, uh, Short term rental trends. Technology's a little better. I don't think we, we hit it on the spot. At least we got the Kansas City win.

Victor Feria: We got that. Got the win. But I think Taylor Swift, how many times 

Steve Turk: did she show up? We looked, I said seven. It was 12 times, but only 53 seconds of airtime. So maybe that should have been the bet over under a minute of airtime. But we'll start doing some more of these 

Victor Feria: predictions she needs. She needs a big check from the NFL somehow, somewhere.

Victor Feria:

Steve Turk: think she's getting, I'm sure people are buying more and more tickets. I've been downloading more music cause now my daughter and son have been watching her on the games. So she created her own, her own content and we're, we're downloading her music. Incredible man. It's been a great week for us. We've added a new property that we're excited about.

Steve Turk: Um, I think next time we'll put up a little picture of our new property that we've got. Um, but if you're searching out for it, you can check it out at stay with tangy. com. And what's the name of that one that we just 

Victor Feria: got? We named it surfer's cove as a big, beautiful surfboard, right? As soon as you walk into the left hand side, uh, [00:02:00] we thought it would be a, an appropriate name.

Steve Turk: Yeah. And it continues to grow in our portfolio of awesome properties. So check it out at stay with tangy. com. In our hometown, we got a transition here and I'm gonna do a little, I won't say rent, but warning to a lot of people. But I want your opinion is Miami's Airbnb surge. Let me read this. Miami is experiencing an unprecedented surge in Airbnb listings.

Steve Turk: They have 12, 000 new condos coming on board just in downtown and 64 percent of them are going to be studios and one bedrooms that are allowed to be rented on Airbnb. So that is, if you really think about it, like three Fontainebleau sized properties. And if you don't know the Fontainebleau hotel, it's 1400 rooms just at that hotel.

Steve Turk: They're going to make like three of those basically in the downtown area and flood the market with Airbnbs. What do you think about that before I get into my, my little 

Victor Feria: warning? Yeah. I mean, I think that's a, it's an eye opener, right? For all the owners that have their studios and [00:03:00] have their, um, you know, one bedroom, one bathrooms and are going to compete directly with those units.

Victor Feria: Um, you know, those investors that are coming in, you know, Latin American, um, investors that are bringing in their money. That's, uh, it's going to be a hard competition also with hotels, with local hotels, right? Like what we always say, um, and I think we talked about it a little bit in our last episode, one bedrooms, one bathrooms compete directly with hotels.

Steve Turk: Yeah. And these are a lot of studios, but I'm going to, you know, I usually don't do this, but I want to help people. We're here to help people and we're gonna give a little bit behind the scenes. I didn't tell Victor. I was gonna talk about this, but we've been in a meeting recently with a developer and the realtors that were asking for our help to help manage the building.

Steve Turk: And part of that was asking us to give them pricing that they could show to potential purchasers or investors in that property. And we gave them the real numbers, what the comp set shows, what the neighborhood shows. It's not a small time developer and realtor program. And we showed them what the numbers would be.

Steve Turk: And they were not happy with those numbers because they [00:04:00] said it wasn't enough for them to show the people who were interested in buying that they could cover their mortgage or cover their investment with ADRs that we were showing them. That's the average daily rates. So they asked us to increase it.

Steve Turk: And we said, we can increase it. Our name is on this. This is, we're not going to trick people into buying your properties. And they decided to go with somebody else that would change those numbers for them that were not accurate. So my warning for all of you out there, if you're being sold that this is going to be printing money for you in a studio or one bedroom in these buildings, and it really is an investment for you do your homework, because there's a lot of good actors out there, but there are unfortunately scumbags out there and they are in it to make their money.

Steve Turk: And if you were in this room with us, you would see the exact typical Miami stereotype bro with, you know, the gold chains, gold Rolex and Ferrari out front that has taken your money. [00:05:00] Doesn't care if you make money after they make the sale. So please do your homework. Understand the market. And this is going to be tough for hotels now to hotels have to compete with this.

Steve Turk: So I just want you all to know, you see this article, you're like, wow, that is a lot of your brain. Yes, it is a lot, but not everyone is going to be ultra successful. We see that properties now in the downtown corridor, some that we're talking to that have had to drop their rates and they can't cover the mortgages and people are missing out on their bank payments.

Steve Turk: So. Be smart. That's my warning to all of them out there, right? We talk about this all the time. Did I miss anything? 

Victor Feria: Not at all. I think you covered that, you know, perfectly. A good, I think a good kind of practice would also be, you know, if it's too good to be true, you know, send a couple emails, reach out to a couple of management companies, get their opinion on it.

Victor Feria: You know, see if they could run an analysis for you, um, and then just compare, you know, that's a lot of [00:06:00] investors that buy into these properties that don't necessarily, you know, uh, need for it to make a generous investment on it. Uh, but there are some that, like you said, that this is their, their life savings and they, and they.

Victor Feria: Um, are going to be, you know, waiting for that extra, extra income and, and they'll depend on it basically. So, so do your homework and I do 

Steve Turk: the homework. We've talked to how many people out there that get themselves stuck in these and all of a sudden they're like begging for our help and like, there is no way to make more on this and only make it so nice, but there's only so much you can charge on a studio.

Steve Turk: Like you're not getting 400 a night or 500 a night for your studio when they can walk across the street to the intercontinental hotel. For 500 and get a suite and get a restaurant and get these things. So 

Victor Feria: I love that. Thanks for 

Steve Turk: sharing. Steve, we got to, I had to make sure I see this. I got so angry because I just think about that meeting we were in.

Steve Turk: Right. And for listeners like Victor and I, we were on the bright line train of all things, like doing these numbers and we're [00:07:00] like, We talked to ourselves like before I even submitted them, like this is not making sense. The sales price of these units for a studio is like 700, 000 and you can't get that rate to cover your base payments.

Steve Turk: So I'm passionate about it. If you need a free, you know, advice, not advice, but a free assessment on the property and what it can make. That's something that we do. Most vacation rental companies should offer that. So if they're charging you for that. Go find somebody else cause that's already a little bit of a shady thing.

Steve Turk: So make sure you're doing your homework. There you go. That's all I got. That's all I got on that one. I love it. The next one's interesting. The next topic that we saw here today is host retaliation. I know a lot of us think about things that we wish we could do to retaliate against guests, even in hotel life, but we never do.

Steve Turk: It's sometimes just a fantasy in the back of our head, but do you want to talk about this one and what happened? 

Victor Feria: Yeah, I was excited to talk about this. I saw you share this one yesterday and I was like, okay, this one, this one's going to be a fun topic. It immediately reminded [00:08:00] me of, you know, my days back in the hotel when we were just always so concerned about privacy of the guests, you know, we had, and you know, the Steve, when you were working at the luxury hotels, you had celebrities, um, you know, CEOs, big names that were coming into the properties.

Victor Feria: And staying with us and, you know, they were, sometimes they had stalkers, sometimes they had, you know, people that were trying to approach them, trying to speak with them, calling in the hotel and, you know, trying to trick you and saying, Hey, what room is so and so staying in? And so right away, it gave me that flashback and I just remembered that part of that part and how important it was for, you know, the guest privacy.

Victor Feria: I don't necessarily think that was the best way to retaliate. Uh, you know, we 

Steve Turk: haven't told you, we haven't said what happened yet. We got to tell them to tell us, let's share 

Victor Feria: with them. Let's share with 

Steve Turk: them what happened. All right. So let's, here's what happened. We have an Airbnb host. It's on the New York post.

Steve Turk: If you want to go see this, uh, an Airbnb host did their normal back and forth with the guest thing, how many people are going to be staying? Um, no spoking in the house, no parties. And the [00:09:00] person staying there. Started breaking a lot of the rules, started inviting people over, wasn't following the rules from the owner.

Steve Turk: And basically in the end, the host was so upset because she got, or he or she got a bad review. Right. They ended up using the ring camera of that person and found out that he happened to be staying at that home with a lady that wasn't his wife. Um, and sent those photos to his wife and cause a huge issue.

Steve Turk: And now that guest is suing the host for ruining his marriage. Uh, using the ring cameras out front to basically blackmail him to take down his post or his bad review. So bad all the way around for everybody involved there, guest and host, but. You know, I want to bring this up because we do have hosts that like getting very involved in certain things because they're not trained in the hospitality.

Steve Turk: But also, I want to talk about the camera placement. So why don't we start with the very basic? Where do we allow cameras to go and how do we communicate that? 

Victor Feria: Yeah. And to that point, [00:10:00] um, you know, when you're saying what, what occurred, I mean, two wrongs can make a right, you know, it's a, it's a battle around there, but, you know, definitely the cameras is a, is a big issue and a big thing.

Victor Feria: You know, there are privacy concerns and Airbnb does. Um, send out memos, you know, to ensure that if you do have cameras, um, first you're sharing where the location is, and then you're also ensuring that they're not in, you know, private places and private areas. So we 100 percent recommend all of our, all of our owners to do, you know, to have cameras.

Victor Feria: Um, in, in certain areas, especially in the exterior, and then we make it, um, you know, we make it a big, big deal to ensure that we're telling our guests and we're writing on our descriptions where the locations of the cameras are 100%. You don't want cameras inside. Um, I think if I'm staying with my family or over with someone, I would definitely want, you know, cameras in private areas, not even in the living room.

Victor Feria: Or in the entryway, et cetera. So keep them outside, let guests know where, you know, the locations are. Um, [00:11:00] and, and yeah, think about your guests and privacy. It's a big deal, especially now in this, in this time. Right. 

Steve Turk: Yeah. We want to make sure that people feel like there is no evasion of privacy. People are freaked out that I'll every like, uh, you know, smoke alarm has a camera in it these days.

Steve Turk: And there are some people that are bad people and that's just what they get off on for some reason. I don't know, but make sure if you have cameras, front door. Backdoor, you know, if you have a pool, maybe, you know, but you want to make sure that you're communicating exactly where these are right up front in the description, but you know, look at hosts, whether you're working with professionals or not.

Steve Turk: Don't take certain things so personal. Yes, we don't want people partying and destroying your properties, but we have some people that we've worked with in the past that are watching every entry camera. They're watching every message that goes back and forth. They'll show up to the properties because they're taking things personal, right?

Steve Turk: Because someone complained of the cleanliness. Yeah, don't take it personal guys. [00:12:00] It's all part of the hospitality game. We don't want anyone's home get trashed. That's why we have so many rules in place and so many things, check boxes that we do ensure that we don't have those party homes. Exactly. But if you're just starting out, just know you're going to get complaints.

Steve Turk: You're going to have issues. Don't take it to 

Victor Feria: heart. Yeah, it's a, it's an unfortunate part of the business, but it is, you know, it is part of the business and, uh, us as hospitality. I mean, I don't think. You, you'll have a story that surprises you anymore, Steve. I'm sure you've heard it all and seen it all.

Victor Feria: So, uh, to us, you know, that's, that's something, you know, very common to someone like an owner that's just getting into it. This is completely new to them. You know, this is not something that they've dealt with on the day to day. So something like that can, um, I get it, you know, can spark an emotion, but. So, you know, keep things cool, you know, think ahead, um, you know, make solutions that that basically are best for everyone.

Victor Feria: Um, and, and I think, you know, you'll, you'll, you'll do the right choice by doing that. 

Steve Turk: I agree with you again, don't take it out on the [00:13:00] guests. Don't show up either. If you're pissed off, take a minute, don't show up 

Victor Feria: angry and don't send videos to the 

Steve Turk: people's wives. Okay, let's, uh, you say not that me or Victor have to worry about that.

Steve Turk: We're good dudes. So I'm never worried about that. But for other people out there, don't do it. Anyhow, let's get into the arbitrage business. People see this, especially during the pandemic. I saw a tick tock. So many people claiming to be multimillionaires and Airbnb. And the model of arbitrage, for those that don't know that out there, what is the arbitrage model, Victor?

Victor Feria: Basically, uh, arbitrage is considered when you offer, um, the owner or the landlord of a building or, you know, single family home, uh, you offer them rent, uh, for that month's worth. Um, so basically you're offering that full rent to that owner, landlord, um, and then whatever is on top. You know, that's profit to the company, but you do have to pay, you know, that, that monthly, [00:14:00] uh, that monthly fee every, every month.

Victor Feria: So, um, I think that's in a nutshell what arbitrage is, right? 

Steve Turk: Yeah, I think that's perfect. And this was something also, I think on CNBC, this was a big article on CNBC that we saw that. Investors were misled by not only the arbitrage model, they weren't investing in a company that yes, would lease out places.

Steve Turk: But on top of that, they would go to like a tangy, like us lease out our listings nightly, and then try to flip them on other places. And so they were making money when everything was great. And now they're in a hole and they owe people a lot of money. And it just shows that. If it's too good to be true, what happens?

Steve Turk: It usually is. So, this guy was going around convincing people because he was, like a pyramid scheme, was getting so much money invested, was giving people high returns, then renting out other people's Airbnbs, not even just doing leasing of a building and putting on Airbnbs, leasing other people's Airbnbs, and then flipping [00:15:00] them on other, like VRBO and booking and others to try to fill up what he had just leased.

Steve Turk: At low rates. So unbelievable. I don't know how he had started that or thought it was a good idea, but he's still defending himself, uh, saying that he was doing things by the book. Um, but one of the questions we got is, is Airbnb arbitrage a viable investment strategy or is it like we said, too good to be true?

Steve Turk: What do you think? 

Victor Feria: Yeah, I mean, I think it ties into our first topic, right? A little bit in that, in that sense that. Um, just do your due diligence and make sure that, you know, you're doing your homework, um, you know, arbitrage, uh, you know, there are negatives and there are positives. Um, I think, you know, there are positives in the sense if you make sure that the location, right, location is in the perfect area, um, that the, that the actual monthly fee can actually, you know, your revenue can actually cover that monthly fee, um, and that you stand out, you know, very unique property, you know, we think that those three, uh, [00:16:00] those three together can make for a good arbitrage deal.

Victor Feria: Uh, but now, you know, if you're not being competitive, if the, the, the monthly is too high, you know, that might not be the right place to do arbitrage. And we've seen a lot of companies and we've seen a lot of, uh, competitors, you know, in the arbitrage, uh, you know, business failed, um, and, and doing that. So just look out, you know, do your homework like we said.

Steve Turk: Yeah. And there's, look, most of us trying this, I'd say, if you know that neighborhood and you're in that neighborhood, go for it. Like, you know, But that building is always going to generate this amount of money. And worst case, I can long term rent it and still cover that's plan B and you got a plan B, but there is big companies that have went out of business and they've talked about it like Domeo that raised hundreds of millions of dollars, like Lyric that got invested into by Airbnb and there's countless others, uh, stay Alfred.

Steve Turk: And there's more to come, unfortunately, that I think are going to be going out of business this year. Uh, front desk just went out of business this year, all [00:17:00] raised big money to be able to do this. And crashed and burned. So if they are raising millions and millions of dollars to do this, just know that it's, it's hard to do on scale, but I think you can do it almost like surgically, like this neighborhood, this block and you can be good.

Steve Turk: I don't think you can do it across the country. Just trying to scale as fast as you can. Sonder that's out there as a publicly traded company, nothing. It's all public information. It hasn't made profit since they've been open, but they raised so much money that they're able to burn and burn and burn. But at some point that burn rate is going to, uh, disappear and they've transitioned into hotels.

Steve Turk: Right, because now they know, basically, that's what it was. So, 

Victor Feria: yeah, that's exactly it. And I think, uh, you know, another good as we're talking here, and I'm thinking about, um, the subject in itself, there's, there's ways to structure, right? Uh, structure, uh, an arbitrage as well, not necessarily always as pain.

Victor Feria: Uh, the full amount, there could be a profit sharing, uh, model, you know, I, I'm thinking to the, yeah, the five units in [00:18:00] Miami beach that we had the, um, you know, the, the, the opportunity to do so and that profit sharing model, you know, can work for the owner, for the landlord at times, and also mutually for the management company, it becomes basically a partnership, right?

Steve Turk: Yeah, I think it's a good model too for you out there looking for an opportunity that's a little bit more low risk, but still win win for both is you pay a lower monthly rent guaranteed that you're still know you can cover and then the upside is sharing a percentage of the nightly rent. So that's something that we've done and I think that it works, especially if you know, the neighborhood, like we knew the block, like we were very specific.

Steve Turk: So listeners, like we knew the block, we knew the street, we knew what was around it. We knew the competition surgical, right? Not just like, oh, we're going to rent out all these buildings. What we wanted. So a lot of tips here today. I was going to 

Victor Feria: share a good little nugget right there. 

Steve Turk: A lot of good info.

Steve Turk: We're giving out all of our top secrets here on Tangny talk. Cause now we're up to six subscribers on YouTube. Shout out to you. We doubled one [00:19:00] week. Let's see if we can double next week. 

Victor Feria: There you go. I think, uh, I think with that, just that advice, we'll, we'll gain one more. Take it. 

Steve Turk: Um, but listen, maybe we'll get some nuns that are our fans because nuns are now getting into Airbnb and this is something innovative.

Steve Turk: It's a response to their financial pressures. A group of nuns in Sevilla, Spain, right? Spain. Yeah. Have converted part of their historic covenant into Airbnb flats, blending religious life with hospitality. This unique venture not only supports the nuns community, but also offers guests a rare opportunity to experience the heritage and tranquility of covenant life.

Steve Turk: I'm 

Victor Feria: sold. I'm sold. Book me a room. 

Steve Turk: I'm scared. I think I might turn into like a haunted, uh, scary movie or something really nice. Like eat, pray, love, and you're going and hanging out with the nuns. There you go. 

Victor Feria: Yeah, that's interesting. Quiet time. It says it all, right? I mean, Airbnb is for everyone. Um, and it's a great, great way of, um, of making and generating income when there might not [00:20:00] be, um, any.

Victor Feria: But I think that's really cool. You know, Spain is, uh, is beautiful and those churches. Um, if you've never been definitely check, you know, a couple of the churches out, um, specifically in Seville that we've traveled to, um, and they're beautiful. So I wouldn't mind, you know, waking up in a beautiful room to a beautiful church, maybe go to mass or to, um, enjoy the company.

Victor Feria: So I think, Hey, I'm all for it. 

Steve Turk: I like it. And so a question coming through here is what other kinds of places do you think would make interesting Airbnbs? What's off the top of your head? 

Victor Feria: Yeah, I mean, we talk about it all the time here in our, in our tangy talks, you know, it's, it's all about the experience, right?

Victor Feria: So they're offering an experience, you know, I'm thinking of a lot of castles. Um, you know, all, all over Europe, uh, castles would be really interesting. 

Steve Turk: You know, we had it storied, our friends at storied are doing that. Yeah, 

Victor Feria: exactly, exactly. You know, we have a lot of themed, uh, places or I think it was like last year that they turned a home, um, in Malibu into a Barbie doll, um, you know, theme.

Victor Feria: So they turned [00:21:00] into a luxury, luxury, basically property into a, a themed experience. So those are the ones on top of my head I could think of, but there's just so many options, right? So many options. 

Steve Turk: There's so many cool ones. I think like different, like. I think one that could be a really cool Airbnb, but it's run like a hotel is the Johnny Versace mansion down here, right?

Steve Turk: I think that it could be something. I wish they would let us get in there a little bit. Cause it's the unique things like that. Like Johnny Versace lived here. And if you haven't been there, you can check it out online. Like it, he designed it all and it happens to be open to the public. Now, rumors are, it might be haunted because he was shot on the front steps, but unique place, right?

Steve Turk: And you can see these things. And in my head, I've been wanting to go to Japan really badly. This is like on my list now. Very cool. Um, and I feel like I could do this as like one of these like Japanese temples from like the 12th century. That would be super cool experience. I think 

Victor Feria: so. I mean, yeah, that's, that's, uh, great ideas there too.

Victor Feria: I love the Netflix series of a [00:22:00] Versace, um, show. So I'm sure there's a lot of, uh, fans out there that probably would love that idea. Right? 

Steve Turk: Yeah. Or maybe it's like the Sopranos kind of thing too. Like based off of TV shows, like there's so many cool things they can do, but shout out to these nuns that are help funding the renovation by renting out some space, um, in their covenant.

Steve Turk: Pretty cool. I wonder if you get any, like. Things that take home, what the amenities are when you arrive. 

Victor Feria: Exactly. I don't know. Uh, there's some, maybe a Bible, a Bible and some holy water at the entrance check in. Um, but it's cool. It's a cool concept. It's uh, I think we've even seen it not only in Airbnbs, we've seen it like in, in restaurants, right?

Victor Feria: We had, um, not too long ago here in Miami, like a Dolly Parton, um, setup, a little bar that popped up here. Oh, the Golden, it was the Golden Girls. The Golden Girls. I'm sorry. Uh, Golden Girls. And I think it's doing well. And it's like a little, uh, kind of dive bar with all the setup. Uh, all the golden girls, uh, fans out there.

Victor Feria: I'm sure it's a really cool to check out. I haven't been, 

Steve Turk: yeah, [00:23:00] people want experiences. And now the new Malibu Barbie one just popped up in Wynwood. So everyone wants something unique, but this was something that popped out at us as being unique. So we covered some great things, but let's talk about a little bit of operation going on.

Steve Turk: And so, you know, we were adding properties as fast as we can, the right properties and we're hiring the right way, I think something that comes up here. A lot is how to hire as you're growing here, because at some point you had to start hiring because Victor was a one man show, um, before we teamed back up, how did you start to decide when it was time to hire somebody?

Victor Feria: Yeah, we, we, we, we had to get strategic, you know, and we had to get into the numbers, um, I think. So, uh, what did we say? See, it was seven, uh, per per seven units per every seven units. We need one housekeeper. 

Steve Turk: Our units are different sizes, so it's not just like a straight hotel room, but for us it's homes that are all spread out.

Steve Turk: Yeah, 

Victor Feria: so we got that formula, we know what we [00:24:00] need, you know, to be able to cover our operations as far as the cleaning part. Um, now when it comes to the maintenance and the management and the supervisor, um, you know, roles, that's a really, really important, um, um, firm believer, the people who you have and you hire most of the time to do things better than you, um, so, so having the right people in the right seat, um, and ensuring that they have all of their tools when you do.

Victor Feria: Um, bring them onto the team is super important and key. I mean, we're going through right now our busy season and we're sailing along. Our team is, is killing it. 

Steve Turk: Yep. And we've invested with the right people in the right seats, like we always say. And for someone starting out, cause this question, you know, hits home, you may have to take yourself a little bit of a pay cut to invest in your company.

Steve Turk: You have to decide what kind of company you want to have. And so maybe it's just good. You want to have seven homes and you manage it yourself and run around all day. Or do you take a little bit of a pay cut, invest that into a great assistant, Andy man, virtual [00:25:00] assistant, housekeeper, so that you can have some more free time to grow the company.

Steve Turk: So that's the advice I like to give people is decide what kind of business you want to have. Because it's all different for everybody. 

Victor Feria: Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. I mean, we've seen it and here personally, um, where we've created now a really good balance where we can, you know, say, Hey, we have the right people handling our operations that are great, you know, um, loyal and trustworthy people who run the day to day and we can go out, you know, and go into this meetings and go and meet these people and be strategic, um, and the way that we grow the company.

Victor Feria: But I think we might made that decision and that plan, you know, pretty on early and we kind of knew. You know, what the direction of the company and what we wanted to do. So, um, I think we were pretty strategic in that. We were very 

Steve Turk: strategic. And I'll tell you, if you're also looking to hire somebody, be strategic in the questions you ask, we always talk about this.

Steve Turk: Ask them how many people are on their team, just that one person, because if it's just one person, maybe they'll do okay for you, [00:26:00] but you need a lot of hands to really do hospitality at this level the right way. 

Victor Feria: Yeah. And, and, and, and you, Steve, I mean, you've hired and interviewed countless, countless of people.

Victor Feria: I mean, you know, how important that role is, is, are there like specific questions that, you know, that you, that you'd like to ask or you want to ask them? 

Steve Turk: If I'm hiring on our team, if I'm hiring for our team, yes. I, the first thing I need to see before I even ask any questions is did they show up on time, right?

Steve Turk: That's like my number one thing. And when I say on time, do they show up five minutes early? I'm one of those people. And are they smiling when they introduce themselves and if they're not doing those two things, I don't even worry about what I'm asking. I do a. Friendly interview and we move on. So if you ever sit down with me or Victor and you show up late, make sure to reschedule if you can, or give some amazing excuses, things do happen.

Steve Turk: But if you're not smiling, you control that. And so if you're late and you don't smile, man, we just know that [00:27:00] those are two kind of red flags for me off the bat. Um, but I always ask one of my favorite questions now, I just started asking this, if you can wave a magic wand, what is your day look like while you work here?

Steve Turk: And so if they tell me something that's way off base that doesn't exist, then I know that's probably not. But if it's something that makes sense for our company and what we do every day, I think that's a home run. So if you can wave the magic wand, what would your day look like working for us? 

Victor Feria: I'm 

Steve Turk: imagining.

Steve Turk: No, I'm sure somebody would be like, well, I wouldn't really come to work on time. I could pick shoes and I don't have to do too much. 

Victor Feria: Right there. Right then. And there 

Steve Turk: you were given our secret. So if you're interviewing with us, we are hiring for housekeepers right now, just make sure to be on time, smile and we'll take care of the rest there.

Steve Turk: That was a good question. And the other thing too, man, we didn't really talk about this. It's not a big deal for many, but for us, I'm proud that we have our first work van that's getting wrapped into our [00:28:00] marketing and logos. So you might see our tangy, uh, van rolling around the streets. Uh, so if you see it, make sure to take a picture and hashtag it tangy van.

Steve Turk: There 

Victor Feria: you go. Should I add a little 1 800 HOW AM I DRIVING also to let us know where we're at? 

Steve Turk: Yeah. William, I don't know if you're driving it. William's, uh, our head of operations and Felix. So, uh, now you got people watching you.

Steve Turk: But we'll get William. William wants to be on the show. And we're going to do some live reporting from, uh, properties. It'll be like, uh, our guy on the streets. There you go. So William, if you're watching this, get ready man. Next, next week, we're gonna have you live doing a remote episode. There 


Victor Feria: go man.

Victor Feria: We have a lot of cool ideas. I think we're good. We could, we could spice up the show in many different ways, but that'll be a fun one. I like that one. Yeah. 

Steve Turk: And if you're interested in being on the show, uh, let us know. We're always looking for interesting people to talk. It can't be just a commercial about your company, but if you have some insights and tips for people to enhance what they're doing, we'd love to chat with you.

Steve Turk: You can [00:29:00] always message us at tangymgmt. com. Send us a message. That's tangymgmt. com and we would love to chat with you. Well, anything you want to leave our listeners with this week before we sign off, Victor. 

Victor Feria: I think it's been a great week. We got, we had Valentine's this Wednesday. Hope you got to celebrate and enjoy that time.

Victor Feria: It was a great, great time for us here and my family as well. And then next week we got food and wine festival. It's going to be an exciting one. 

Steve Turk: And I'm excited that you get to come to the wine and food. Okay. Wine and food festival. The founder Lee Schrager would yell at me the other way around the line of food festival, and we got to be official media passes to go there.

Steve Turk: So we'll be at some of the events. So if you're going to be there to let us know, we would love to hang out and either have a burger or a beer or a wine with you because there's so many fun things going on in the city. The next couple of months, 

Victor Feria: we'll share, we'll share a couple of, uh, a couple of, uh, experiences we had there and a couple of fun [00:30:00] stories.

Victor Feria: I'm excited for that. But, uh, but yeah, I'll leave that off with that. It's a great, great week and an even better month. I love February. Um, and have a great, great Friday and even better. We can see. 

Steve Turk: Yep. And for again, thank you all the listeners to that are watching with us. And we joke around about how we don't have many, but we see how many hundreds of you are watching.

Steve Turk: Um, but please make sure to share this. If you find it valuable, like it. And if you can come subscribe on our YouTube channel, I know we do this live on LinkedIn, but come on over to YouTube and watch us sometimes too. There you go.

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