Episode 4: Navigating the 2024 Landscape Top Vacation Rental Investment Hotspots

Steve Turk: [00:00:00] And we are live and back. I love doing Tangy Talks with you every Friday, Victor Ferria. Same here, 

Victor Feria: same here. Just, uh, it's like the highlight of my Friday and especially going into the weekend. 

Steve Turk: And look now, not only are we live here on LinkedIn, but we're also live on our brand new YouTube channel. So if you want to be our fourth subscriber, head on over to YouTube today and join us.

Victor Feria: I think we're at three at three last week. So, you know, 

Steve Turk: inching along, inching along, man, but we have fun and we're bringing a whole great. New episode to you value packed. And we've got a couple of things we want to talk about. Um, I know we were going to end with this, but I think we should start with this.

Steve Turk: Let's do it. We've got the super bowl coming up this weekend, right? We've got those vacation rental markets exploding with people traveling to Las Vegas to go see this game and the [00:01:00] hotels are packed. But who are you going for in this game with San Francisco versus Kansas city? 

Victor Feria: I'd like to, uh, I wanna predict, I think this one is gonna go to Kansas City.

Victor Feria: It's gonna be, which one is it? It's like their third or fourth one already. Mm-Hmm. . Um, so I think they're building a dynasty there. And if I want to predict, and we could look back on this, I want to say the score will end up around 28, uh, to 21. Uh, Kansas City, so a little bold statement there, so we'll see if that comes accurate.

Steve Turk: Alright, my bold statement will be, we will see Taylor Swift in her box seven times. Seven times throughout the broadcast. That's 

Victor Feria: gonna be a fun, uh, a fun little drinking game, right? A fun little drinking game. Every time, uh, just pans out to Taylor Swift, you take a nice little swig of whatever you have in your hands.

Victor Feria: I like it. I think 

Steve Turk: it's a fun game. We should try it. So all right. We've got your score, 28, 21. And we've got my over under a Taylor Swift being shown seven times, seven times the 

Victor Feria: [00:02:00] broadcast. Okay. I think that might be short. I think that might be short, but we'll see. That'll be a fun, a fun thing to watch, but it's 

Steve Turk: cool.

Steve Turk: First Superbowl there. And the market is exploding. I talked about this on the other podcast where, you know, the hotel market is going bananas and rates are going crazy. But I looked really quick, people started off really high with a lot of their vacation rental rates. Now they're starting to come down a little bit, which is part of the process, right?

Steve Turk: Like when we have big events, what do we try to do? We try to go way up, see what we catch and then what 

Victor Feria: else do we do? Yeah. And then when the dates are actually coming a little closer, we start bringing those down, you know, getting them back to market value. And we, and we do a little research, you know, what are competitors doing and what are their, their rates?

Victor Feria: Uh, but yeah, definitely set them high a couple of months. You know, away from it, see if you could capture those big, you know, premium rates and then, you know, bring them down as we go. 

Steve Turk: Yeah. Cause here, your first I was noticing we're located here in Miami. So we have Miami Miami beach and Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood.

Steve Turk: So we got all around the [00:03:00] stadium that has F one and a tennis tournament and dolphins games and all of their super bowls and giant concerts. So we're used to doing all of those 

Victor Feria: things. Yeah. And we've been lucky to host a couple of super bowls too. Uh, those have been 

Steve Turk: wild. Now we've got world cup coming to the world in 2026.

Steve Turk: Yeah, we got to get a tangy box. We got to get our tangy box for that. 

Victor Feria: We got to, we got to be out there. That's, it's going to be super cool. I think a lot of stuff, a lot of neat stuff is coming to, um, to Miami. We got April now we got the lift golf tournament. We have our Formula One in May, so it's gonna be a busy one for us.

Steve Turk: Boat show, we got wine and food festival, uh, Can't complain. We got, I got official media pass, did I tell you that? No, you did not. Where? Alright, so it's a wine and food festival, so It's a wine and food festival, okay. I need a cameraman today, so if you wanna be my cameraman, 

Victor Feria: Come on with me, dude. Yeah, I'll be in the background, uh, taking sips and taking little bites.

Victor Feria: You know, I gotta, um, I gotta reap the benefits. 

Steve Turk: It's true, man. Well, talking about great places to have vacation [00:04:00] rentals and managing things. Let's get into our first topic for the best places to invest in a vacation rental for 2024. So AirDNA, uh, which is a pro, uh, program out there that looks at all the markets and takes all real live data.

Steve Turk: And we were a user of it for many years. Has broken down and given their assessment for the top markets and they have a way to kind of go through it. Um, which talks about like the ADR, the compression in the market, you know, the availability of hotels and the prices. So they have a unique formula that they use to come kind of go through it.

Steve Turk: Right. But they found that there's some interesting cities that. Maybe you and I would never have thought of that we're looking at now as a potential right to go in. So you want me to talk about the top five and list them or do you want to go through the top 

Victor Feria: five real quick? Yeah, I could list them really quickly here.

Victor Feria: And it's, uh, we'll start from number five here. We got Sneed Ferry, North Carolina, and then we got [00:05:00] four, uh, Spring Hill, Florida. And third, we got Logan, Ohio. Second, we have Ellsworth, Maine, and then last one, or first one, sorry, is Columbus, Georgia. So I will be sincere, I probably know two out of the five.

Steve Turk: Yeah, and what they're saying is, so listen, there's a reason they're picking these as them is that It is a market that has still has strong demand because it's not filled with hotels. And a lot of the things that people want to go see in those markets are national parks. Like in Columbus, Georgia, they've got the longest urban whitewater course in the country.

Steve Turk: And there's not many places to be able to stay to go enjoy it. So vacation rentals are popping up for people to be able to go there and enjoy that. And also the requirements to get a permit, uh, for the vacation rentals is in as hard as some cities that we know are ultra hard. Right. Um, on this list, they did mention, I think the number 25 [00:06:00] was Largo, Florida, which is in the keys.

Steve Turk: And you know that those are a really hard area to be able to get a license. Yeah. So what's cool about this top five, as we talk about Columbus, Georgia, and Ellsworth, Maine, and Logan, Ohio, and Spring Hill, Florida, and Sneeds Ferry, North Carolina, is that these, like we said, we don't know these cities, uh, but they're still showing to be demand where you can build a great vacation rental business if you give great quality service and know how to manage rates.

Steve Turk: You can do this in places that have some kind of tourist demand. Right, right. And so what do we tell people when they come to us because they come to us all the time with the, I want to do vacation rental. What do we tell them? 

Victor Feria: Yeah. I mean, the first, the first part, I mean, you covered it right there is, uh, on the regulations portion, you know, you, we could see that when there is transparency and it's black and white, you know, with your regulations, uh, people are attracted to that.

Victor Feria: It's much easier for them to get, you know, their permits and invest in those certain areas. So. If [00:07:00] you're a city out there and you want to, you know, get your Airbnb local market, um, higher, and you're, you know, in government and could change these policies, um, you know, you could see right off the bat, having a good regulation and a good permit process that's black and white will make, uh, will make it, uh, will make it appealing for investors.

Steve Turk: Yeah. Can we go into some places? Even in our County, we're in Miami Dade County, Howard County and some others, but there's different cities in that County that have different rules. There's not like one way to do certain things, which makes it really challenging. I think the other thing to really think about is that you need some kind of attraction.

Steve Turk: You need something that people are going to want to go to and then need to stay overnight somewhere, right? Because we have people that come to us and they're, they just bought on the wrong side of the highway. There's nothing over there, or they bought in a neighborhood thinking that, all right, I bought this amazing piece of land that people are going to come to all the time, but it's way out in the middle of nowhere, [00:08:00] right?

Steve Turk: So I know you and I have these talks with them. And we look at certain things. And so, when we're looking at a potential client coming on, what do you look at when they give us a location? 

Victor Feria: So, immediately, you know, I'm looking at the market. I'm running an analysis. You touched on it earlier. You know, there's AODNA.

Victor Feria: There's other softwares like KeyData. Um, that really do a good job at, you know, showing the market and seeing what, um, what that, what that certain area is looking for, you know, it's, uh, you know, occupancy annual revenue as well as, you know, the, um, the ADR average daily rate. So those are the, you know, those 3 numbers that you should definitely look for.

Victor Feria: And then also the cap rate. You know, if you are investing, ensuring that the, uh, the value of the mortgage, you know, you'll be able to cover it with the, with the short term, uh, revenue. So that's really important. And I was actually surprised, Steve, that, um, I'm pretty sure like two years ago, um, top five, we have Florida on there, uh, more than once.

Victor Feria: So it was pretty eye opening to see [00:09:00] that we only have one, um, area in Florida.

Steve Turk: It shows that, look, we know this market got flooded with vacation rentals and certain areas got flooded with illegal units. And when I say illegal, like we do things the right way, we go get a permit, we tell our partners, like, you need this permit in place to be able to do it. Um, and some neighborhoods, like if you just go on Airbnb or VRBO right now, as you're listening to us, not while you're driving, but pause this and look is you can search any city that you're in.

Steve Turk: Just do a quick search of how many people are around you doing this and look at their prices and their reviews and see if you think that you could compete. Because this is a competition. This is not a. You know, getting in here and think you're going to print money. Like there's some people that rent out a bedroom just for some extra cash.

Steve Turk: But if you really are investing in this, you've got to be doing it the right way. And no, there's other people out there that want the same market share. So if you come into our cities, you're competing against me and Victor, you're [00:10:00] competing against other companies that are doing this at a top level.

Steve Turk: Exactly. I gotta be 

Victor Feria: ready. Exactly. Yeah. I mean, we, we saw those investors come in and 2021 paid premium price. Uh, for those properties, um, and now, you know, as demand stabilizes, uh, they're starting to notice, you know, that, uh, it's, it's not a, not a, uh, an investment that, um, profits enough for, for them to cover their, you know, their expenses and their overhead.

Victor Feria: So that's something definitely you need to look at and what we always talk about, right? It's, uh, bringing in a unique property, bringing an experience, um, that sets you apart from the competitors. And those are the ones that are. Really outperforming the middle of the road properties, like we always say, um, you know, those are the ones that, uh, uh, that will, you know, stay behind what's your favorite quote about the Ikea?

Victor Feria: Um, uh, Steve, if you get 

Steve Turk: Ikea furniture, you get Ikea prices. There you go. Listen, Ikea is great for certain things. So I hate on Ikea. You keep knocking Ikea. We liked it. We have some pieces, [00:11:00] but you can't furnish the whole place and think. That someone's going to be excited to be in your place when I look at the pictures and know they saw that bed at Ikea for 80 agreed, agreed, agreed.

Steve Turk: But the other thing too, like. I was meeting with an investor yesterday for coffee and just kind of going over it. And, you know, this is a hotel investor and I started telling him our point of view of how we want to really mix both worlds of vacation rental and the best of hotels. Right. And what we're seeing is hotel people don't, they don't realize that when we look at vacation rentals, we successful, we don't look at studios.

Steve Turk: We don't want the studios. Really? We don't really want anything. That's not at least a one bedroom with a kitchenette because there's no differentiator. Against hotels. Exactly. And so I have to explain that to people. Um, even the most like experienced hoteliers, they're like, wow, I didn't really realize that's how you look at us.

Steve Turk: I was like, yeah, cause why would you come stay in our studio? Vacation rental. If I could go stay at a hotel for a similar price. 

Victor Feria: Exactly. Exactly. [00:12:00] 

Steve Turk: So, you know, it was interesting to have that talk. And I think if you're listening out here, think about that. If you're looking to invest. Don't get sold the dream.

Steve Turk: Some of these developers are building these new condos everywhere that are short term rental friendly, but they're all hotel rooms, basically. So how are you going to compete? 

Victor Feria: Exactly. Yeah. It's a, it's a big flood of, um, one bedrooms, one, uh, one bathrooms in the market and speaking here generally for, for Miami.

Victor Feria: Um, and, and we're seeing a, that's really hard to, you know, set yourself apart with that. So think of, uh, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, anything over one bedroom, one bathroom. Um, that's where you set yourself apart 

Steve Turk: and another note, just so you keep this in our mind that for us to know, Marriott is adding 636, 000 hotel rooms in the next year.

Steve Turk: And Hilton is coming in behind them with like another 500, 000 and change. So they're growing 35 percent each of them, like in the thirties. So very aggressively. They're getting into more of this extended stay. [00:13:00] So people will have more competition. There'll be more places to stay, which is great for travelers, but if you're an operator, just make sure you know where you're going and these are the top five cities.

Steve Turk: So go back and replay it. Uh, go back to the beginning of this as a, we say, go look at these cities. Cause there's some good opportunities there. 

Victor Feria: Yeah. And check out the other, cause, uh, we, we, we saw this, uh, article in business insider, so they put their top 24. So, uh, there's an interesting top 10 and then, uh, you know, top 24 is a very interesting list as well.

Victor Feria: So go check 

Steve Turk: that out. And every day, put it out that business insider wrote about. So there you go. There you go. We got them all there. Uh, you can go to both websites and we'll put them in the link below here. But we talked about some places struggling. Right. And so we've had people that we've tried to help and they're just not in the right spot.

Steve Turk: Right. There's another way to do business, right? You don't have to just do short term. Exactly. We're taking some people into long term rentals, right? And why are we doing that? [00:14:00] 

Victor Feria: Yeah, I mean, it's a, it's a great segue from the conversation that we were just having. It's a, um, you know, being flexible and having that flexibility, um, is key, especially right now in our market where we're seeing, you know, the long term rental value, um, raise, you know, because there is a lot of demand.

Victor Feria: A lot of people coming from up north, uh, moving down here to Miami, that's pushing, you know, the rental rate. Um, a little higher. So we're being flexible. We're offering, you know, all of our clients, all of our owners, the ability to go long term. Um, and what we're doing is we're, you know, we know that our busiest 6 months, you know, starts from December, you know, all the way through end of May, June, July.

Victor Feria: So we're saying, hey, you know, these are key 6 months, you know, why don't we find a long term tenant for 6 months on the off season, um, while, you know, while, while the market is, uh, for hospitality is not. Um, at its peak and then one that six months, you know, finishes that lease finishes with the tenant, we converted back into short term rental and we have that flexibility of, you know, um, [00:15:00] utilizing those both markets, um, and, and, and, and making the most profit for the property.

Victor Feria: So. I think being flexible is something that, you know, you got to be open to. 

Steve Turk: And I would say, listen, we're not attorneys here on this podcast, but if you're hearing this and you're doing short term rental, thinking about switching to long term, make sure you review the laws in your areas, because it's very different than managing short term rentals.

Steve Turk: If you want to do long term, you have to have a certain licenses in place. You have to work with a licensed realtor. So make sure you understand what you're doing, but we do, and we want to make sure we do things the right way. And we continue to do things the right way for our real estate partners, You know, some homes are just not in the right spot, but they can do very well in a longer term rental, or you said six months, nine months a year, if they need to, and then flip back and forth based off of what's going on in the market.

Victor Feria: Yeah. And what do we mean? We see all the time, Steve. I mean, we've been in hospitality for, for a long time and I think we discussed this in our last podcast, but you know, the wave of [00:16:00] hospitality, right? I mean. The, the ups and the downs of, um, of hospitality. We've been in the hotel world and now the short term renter world.

Victor Feria: Um, and we see those peaks and valleys. So, you know, being patient and, and, you know, peaks and valleys do come, do come and go. So, uh, just being patient in that aspect, right? 

Steve Turk: Yeah. We were just talking on with Sarah Dandeshy about this, where, um, you know, she's a big travel influencer. She's on a lot of morning shows talking about travel is that.

Steve Turk: You know, it might be skewed, but the American Lodging Hotel Association did a review where travelers are skewing back to hotels because they want to believe in that their standards, they know what they're getting all these things. So, I think the vacation rental, like we had so many people coming into the market, didn't know what they were doing and some people had some bad experiences started shifting out.

Steve Turk: So I'm actually happy about that, that people have crashed and burned. I'd never want to wish ill on them, on anyone who's trying to make a living, but they got out of the business, they closed, their companies [00:17:00] went out of business and now the operators are doing well, are rising to the top. There you go.

Steve Turk: So we'll continue seeing that. Um, but we had a question and I'm just, we started getting questions from people as they've been listening to us. And I just wanted to take it on and see. You know, some strategies here. So this one comes from Carlos in Miami and he said, what are some steps for converting my short term rental to a long term rental?

Steve Turk: What should I think about differently from the two? So what would you tell Carlos from our hometown of 

Victor Feria: Miami? Yeah, right away. You know what I'm thinking about is, um, you know, listing it, uh, furnished or unfurnished and what are the benefits for, for those two and looking into that, um, you know, if you can afford, uh, let's say a family wants to come in long term, they want to bring their furniture for six to, you know, nine or 12 months.

Victor Feria: Um, then, you know, maybe is it worth it to get a storage, leave that furniture in there. Um, so when you want to convert back to short term rental, you could go ahead and bring that in, you add that, uh, price [00:18:00] into the rental agreement. So, uh, that's one thing. And then secondly, you know, uh, like you mentioned earlier, make sure that you're looking, um, and hiring the right, uh, team to, to, uh, one, manage the property.

Victor Feria: And then secondly, for the tenant process, you know, you got to make sure that you get the background checks, uh, credit checks and all of that. So you make sure you have a good tenant. Um, in, in the property for, you know, a set period. So that's really important. Those would probably be my two best advice.

Victor Feria: And we're doing that currently right now. So we're in the thick of that. Um, so we're learning as we go as well. 

Steve Turk: So if you're out there listening and you're looking to go back and forth, go from short term to long term or long term to short term, you've got us here, we're happy to help you any which way, um, because now we've got experience in both and talking about getting clients onboarded here, right.

Steve Turk: We have been really focused on doing this and. You know, I think this is what we realized is getting somebody on boarded. So if you're out there, you're just starting your company, you're a short term, you're [00:19:00] getting into the short term rental game, onboarding your clients. Unless you're leasing out and doing, you know, this arbitrage model, which we don't recommend.

Steve Turk: Working with your partners is the most important to set expectations, uh, so that you don't have headaches down the road and we've kind of tweaked and tweaked and tweaked and tweaked this till, or I think we've got it down to like our proven process that this works now. Um, and I'll, I'll hate on Victor for a second.

Steve Turk: Victor used to call me like, Oh my God, I didn't explain this. And now they're calling me at midnight about answering this. Cause they're in a different time zone and we're managing this country. This came really from us trial and error. Like this one worked. So why don't you give us the process here? Yeah, that is our process from after we get that first call, take it 

Victor Feria: away.

Victor Feria: There you go. Yeah. And we should definitely share that, you know, that one pager that we, um, that we had made, it's, we call it the Tangy proven process. Um, so, you know, I would get that first initial call on the, uh, clients [00:20:00] would be, you know, I love everything that you guys offer. I love the services. You know, I, we like speaking with you.

Victor Feria: We believe in what you guys do. We want to, you know, team up. What are the next steps? Um, and I kept getting that question. I kept getting that question. I'm like, man. I need, or we need something to show them visually, you know, what that looks like. Um, so we created the Tangi proven process from beginning to basically the end, um, which the end being the property has been listed and several marketing channels and it's out in the world, ready to, to book.

Victor Feria: Um, so from, from that step, you know, as Steve was mentioning, um, you know, we created an onboarding process for the owners. Where we're sitting down, we're sitting, we're sending them first before we sit down with them or what to expect. Um, I got it right here. There you go. Thank you, Steve. That is perfect.

Victor Feria: So it's a kind of a, what to expect for the, for the owners. You know, we have the discovery phase, the first phase that, you know, obviously this is the first line of communication, um, when you're getting to know one another, um, then we have the second. Um, tier, which is the education part, [00:21:00] um, and basically we are sending them the information of what to expect.

Victor Feria: So they know what the next steps are, you know, then we're going to the property to meet them and to meet the owner in person. It's a really, really important, you know, that really sets us apart. And I've, I've noticed that Steve, um, when, you know, either the owner or the general manager or the, um, you know, director of the operations is going to the property and seeing.

Victor Feria: And meeting the owner visually, um, and in person, it's, you know, really sets us apart. I tell my team all the time, you know, when a new client comes in, first thing we want to do is get in front of them, getting in front of them, you know, hearing what they need, seeing where, where we can solve their, you know, their problems or seeing where we could best, uh, best fit, um, for what they need.

Victor Feria: And then it's the onboarding part. You know, the onboarding part is the important one we set and basically a set time with the owner. It's an hour that we sit down with them and we take them through all the steps, what to expect, who to communicate, you know, with when there's an [00:22:00] issue or when they have a question, um, what are their basically their softwares that they're going to be having access to and they're going to be using during the tenure.

Victor Feria: Um, and then all the reporting and being as transparent as possible and showing them. You know, how all of those systems work. Um, I, I think you could vouch for it, Steve, but it's been much, much better. I don't think you're getting those calls anymore complaining about, you know, the 101 questions that we get sometimes.

Victor Feria: Um, and it's really been, you know, it's really proven to, uh, to set the expectation and have the client, uh, go through a really seamless process of onboarding. Um, and then. 

Steve Turk: Yep. Go ahead. As I say, like, this has really made a huge difference. Like as we laid it out, we planned it out, we've tweaked it many times.

Steve Turk: I would get 30 minute phone calls like, wow, what could we just do better? We would go through it. And this was like many, many times over five years to the point where we got this. So if you need help with this. I'm sure Victor and I can help consult with you to get this up and running. Um, because we've done it.

Steve Turk: We're happy to share it. [00:23:00] That's why we're showing it to you now. Um, but if you need it, feel free to reach out to us. We'll share it with you, but I 

Victor Feria: love our core values on there, but they look great, right? I 

Steve Turk: think they look great. You know, we went through a training, uh, called the entrepreneur operating system, um, based off of the book traction and really.

Steve Turk: Got down to what we believe in and put the right people in the right seats and has made a tremendous difference in our company. 

Victor Feria: Shout out Isabel. 

Steve Turk: Yep. Shout out to Isabel. We won't give her last name yet because I don't think she's, uh, she wants us to share till next month, but shout out to Isabel and we'll give her last name to everybody, uh, when she's ready to go.

Steve Turk: There you go. So that was the proven process of getting set up here the right way. And I really think that. If you are an owner of a property and you're starting out with somebody, you want to make sure that you're understanding what the onboarding situation is going to be. Exactly. Because there's a lot of companies out there that will [00:24:00] say, well, they're the cheapest and we'll get you up and running fast.

Steve Turk: And they just throw you up there just to get some more volume. You're not really a true partner. So ask those questions. What is the process of getting onboarded? What do I have access to? We talked about transparency. Last show, right? How can I see what's going on? Right? These are things that, you know, if you want to learn more about the transparency part, go back to the previous episode.

Steve Turk: Um, but that is big time. And I think that's what we've done for these owners. They get to fully understand it will be like not only when they start when they're up and running and if they have emergencies or questions, we have a whole support team to help them. Yeah. 

Victor Feria: Yeah. I think best advice is put yourself in, um, in, in your, you know, your client's shoes.

Victor Feria: What would you, you know, if you're, uh, giving your keys up to your property, to your investment, um, you know, to, to your life earnings, to a management company and you're entrusting them and to manage the company, you know, what is it that you want to see? What is it that? Um, the steps or the processes that you're interested [00:25:00] in seeing, um, you know, I took a lot of ideas from other, um, you know, companies or other softwares or systems that we've used.

Victor Feria: Um, and they take us through their process. Um, and I've learned a lot from them. So that's a lot of ideas have been taking, uh, taken out, you know, especially if you're selling to, uh, to an owner, you're the face of that whole process and then handing them off. Um, to the 2nd person, so I took a lot of ideas from, um, several companies, you know, shout out guesty breeze away all of these companies that I've taken some ideas from, um, to create, you know, the 10 year process with, uh, with your help, Steve.

Victor Feria: Yeah, our 

Steve Turk: preferred partners, we, we love working with them all the time. So I think this is a great place to kind of wrap up. We gave a lot of info. We got the top five cities to invest in. We talked about how many times you're going to see Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl. Seven, seven over under. We'll make that off, off here.

Steve Turk: Uh, flexibility going back from short term rental, long term rentals. And [00:26:00] so if you have questions on that, feel free to reach out to us and onboarding. Listen guys, if you're onboarding a new client, have that plan dialed in because it's how you start and if you start off rough and it just continues on going that way and you got to put in a lot of effort to make up for 

Victor Feria: it.

Victor Feria: And let's, and let's plug in, let's not forget, uh, February 27th, I think we got, uh, 

Steve Turk: Oh yeah. So February 27th, our list is growing. It's going to be capped. So make sure to register. And I guess we'll put it here in the links too, is we have our first favor event, the Florida Alliance of vacation rentals.

Steve Turk: We're hosting the first Southeast chapter event at the Yotel in downtown Miami, February 27th. From 5 p. m. to 7 p. m. you get your welcome drink, uh, we'll have some light bites there, um, and we gotta thank our sponsor for the event, um, which is Outdoor Adventures. With Ian, who will be there. So we're excited to see him there.

Steve Turk: And for all of you, we hope to see you in person and not [00:27:00] just here online. And thank you to Carlos for watching and giving us your question. And if you have any questions, make sure to submit them for the next. So, so until next week, make sure to subscribe, like, share this, if you've got some value. And Victor, I'll see you soon.

Steve Turk: I will see you next week. I'll see you in about an 

Victor Feria: hour. There you go. Till next time. Thank you everyone for watching and happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend and go Kansas city.

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At Tangy Management we know that the best Airbnb rental feels like a home and runs like a hotel. While your guests deserve the best services, you do not have to be the one to execute them. Our team of experienced hoteliers are available to transform your South Florida property into a successful rental using our in house team of luxury hospitality professionals.

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