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Sliced Management

Setting up FOR success

You've got the vacation rental; we've got the tools to make it thrive. Our "Sliced" management model delivers targeted expertise in the areas that matter most: optimizing your pricing, ensuring seamless guest communication, managing your bookings across channels, and crafting a profile that gets you noticed. Focus on hospitality while we handle the rest.
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Price Optimization

Once we are all set up with your account we begin to “market” your Airbnb listing. We ensure that you have the right guests, at the right price, with the right listing.

We analyze real-time data to set competitive rates that adapt to demand and maximize your revenue.  We stay ahead of the curve with pricing strategies that cater to peak seasons and special events.

You'll have access to detailed reports that will allow you to track your performance and understand pricing trends in your market.

Guest Communication Made Easy

We realize how important relationships are with your guests and take pride in ensuring a positive experience every time.
Prompt & Professional: We respond to inquiries and requests quickly, ensuring a positive guest experience.
Money earned from guests goes directly into the owner’s account. Tangy will send an invoice monthly.
Automated Messaging: Streamline communication with personalized templates for check-in, check-out, and more.
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Booking Channel Management

Your listing appears on major platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, and with maximized visibility.

Calendar Synchronization

Avoid double bookings with real-time calendar updates across channels.

Centralized Management

We handle reservations, payments, and guest communications in one convenient place.

Vacation Rental Profile Development

Engaging, compelling descriptions paired with professional photography highlight your home's best features.

Why Choose The "Sliced" Model?

Flexible & Affordable: Pay only for the services you need, giving you control over your budget.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from our industry knowledge and experience.

Time-Saving: We handle time-consuming tasks, so you can focus on other priorities.

Increased Bookings: Our proven strategies attract more guests and boost your occupancy rate.


What services are offered by Tangy MGMT
Tangy Management is a full Airbnb property management company. Our variation of services offered allows us to take a technological approach into helping your property run smoothly. With the Fully Pressed service, you are receiving a full operational and technical service from start to finish. Our sliced service is at lower cost to you and receives a less operational management but a full technical service.
How do I know if I can Airbnb my property
Be sure to check with your county and zoning permit requirements. Also, certain association will need permission prior to hosting any guests. Tangy will guide you through this process and assist you through the steps as it is your responsibly to abide by local laws.
What areas does Tangy MGMT service
We offer “Fully Pressed” services as far south as Key West and as far north as Ft. Lauderdale. Our “Sliced” services are offered globally. We will become local experts of your area and market.
How are cleanings handled and how is it paid
Cleanings are paid by the guest at the time of booking and you would not have to pay out of pocket for cleanings. Our team of internally hired hotel trained housekeepers are responsible for leaving your home fresh and spotless for the next guest. You will also receive a report with pictures of the completed cleanings, and internal notes. Our seamless operations will make this difficult task seem like a breeze.
How is pricing set on my Airbnb
We work with a team of experienced revenue managers that create competitive and profitable rates for your Airbnb. The trick is to find the sweet spot for an ever changing market that adjusts based on season, local events, and competition
How do I get started
Simply schedule a call with us or send us an email at to begin the process. The “introductory period” is a simple step process to understand your needs, and your property’s needs. The introductory period will feel seamless and informative

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