5 Essential & Effortless Cleaning Tips for your Airbnb During COVID-19

Leave your Airbnb property vacant 24 hours after guest have checked out

This will allow enough time for any contaminated air particles to disintegrate. Also, ask the guests the day of their check out to open windows before leaving and closing them back up to air out the home as much as possible. The next guest will truly benefit from this, and they will surely appreciate this process even if you are losing a day from filling the calendar with bookings.

Have the cleaning staff use handheld spray sanitizers and/or UV light wand to disinfect the Airbnb Property

The best rated items that our team currently uses is on the link below. This is an additive procedure to disinfect areas inside the home. We schedule our supervisor to use the handheld sprayer or UV light at check, the following day we schedule our housekeeper. This way the spray and UV light disinfectant has several hours to sit and do its job. For the spray we like to use 30-40% disinfecting vinegar and the rest water.

Wipe down touch surfaces with cleaning disinfecting wipes

Key touch surfaces are light switches, remote controls, faucet handles, utensils, door handles, etc. These are usually the highest touch surfaces by guests and should be wiped down individually with disinfectant wipes, or a microfiber towel dipped with Clorox.

Make sure to deep clean thoroughly after each guest checks out

Following the 24 hour vacancy, move furniture, lift rugs, open drawers. This is the best way to assure you are disinfecting thoroughly every time.

Make sure to clean sheets and towels with a deep wash using bleach and detergent

If you have colored sheets, use a different alternative to assure sheet & towels are thoroughly disinfected.

Guests choose to stay in an Airbnb as opposed to a hotel for its privacy and limited contact with other guests in hotel lobby’s and elevators. Give them another piece of mind by sharing your cleaning process before their stay. This will go a long way!

Learn how Tangy operates and handles cleaning and the overall management of your Airbnb property!

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